Her Design Label Uses Classic Saris to Make Gorgeous Chairs

By using saris to upholster chairs, Aradhana Anand’s design label Limón is upholding Indian aesthetic and contributing to sustainability – besides making an eye-catching statement.

By Anupam Dabral

Growing up in a family blessed with a strong sense of aesthetics, Aradhana Anand got her lessons on creating artisanal furniture early on. Her mother and her maternal grandmother both had an eye for exquisite furniture and home décor, and Aradhana inherited the same.

After spending nine years in the maritime industry as an oil freight trader living in Dubai and then in Singapore, Aradhana routed back to India and moved in with her parents in Delhi. The house was fully furnished, and all she needed in her room was a chair.

So she set her creative juices flowing and came up with an idea of making a different kind of chair. This led to a couple of other pieces and gradually her label Limón was shaped.

Limon (39).jpgTwo collections old, her label focuses on not just creating furniture but an experience with an artistic appeal. Over a short span of time, the 38-year-old has learned to treat her chairs as a canvas to experiment with a permutation of different textures, colours and materials.

What makes her creations stand out is the usage of striking fabrics, mostly saris in multiple tones and prints. “My mother used to buy cotton saris along with a few other raw silk pieces and used to layer them over furniture for giving it a protective covering because of our six cats. It was changed after every six months allowing an interplay of interesting colour schemes at home,” Aradhana reminisces.

Her eclectic taste extends into her personal living space too. She balances the striking appeal of her pieces with some classic collectibles she has gathered from traveling all over the globe. So, be it her Afghan carpets, antique Chinese lamps or brass pieces that once belonged to her parents, everything finds a place in her creatively scintillating abode.

Limon 1.jpgAradhana, who has not been trained formally as a designer, was always intrigued by product design. While she counts Welsh furniture designer Bethan Gray and the American architect and interior designer Alexander Girard as her key role models, she adds, “I appreciate artists and designers who mix prints and patterns while keeping a space for minimalism as well.”

With artisanal home décor still a niche, Aradhana admits the Indian market is still in its nascent stage. However, she has found her sweet spot already. “There are always people who want to explore, and the market for customized interiors is catching up. With the increasing demand, we are staying strong with our form, without compromising with our essence,” she says.

Limón today is defined by its one-of-a-kind prints and appealing juxtaposition of textures and fabrics. A space once dominated by old-school classics has been infused with a fresh energy. Riding this tide of change is Aradhana with her cool set of Limón chairs, which are just too good to sit on.

First published in eShe’s September 2018 issue 

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