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Bestselling author Anuja Chauhan is on the cover, and - we're not kidding - this is our BEST issue ever! Intense personal experiences, powerful businesswomen, and creative doyennes, plus some unexpected thoughts on Valentine's Day :)

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The importance of books cannot be overstated. Besides their ability to inform, inspire, and create empathy, they are chronicles of our time. Cover personality Anuja Chauhan’s novels capture modern-day preoccupations and dreams (p.20). Monica Malhotra Kandhari’s publishing house MBD has ignited the dreams of lakhs of students (p.24). Kota Neelima’s gritty fiction and non-fiction reflect a darker reality and give a voice to the voiceless (p.28).

In her recently translated book Boys in Zinc, Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich asks, “What happens to great events? They migrate into history, while the little ones, the ones that are most important for the little person, disappear without a trace.”

It was this very thought that motivated me to launch eShe last year. While many publications chronicle great events, I wanted to record the little ones, the ones that are important for the common person. The homemaker who becomes an egg donor for love (p.9). The hearing-impaired professional in grief after her mother is murdered (p.31), or the student with a burdensome secret (p.40).

These are the stories of our time. Let us capture them, lest they disappear without a trace.


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