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Top Indian standup comic Aditi Mittal is on the cover, award-winning anchor Gitikka Ganju Dhar, beauty baroness Sunita Ramnathkar and much to read in relationships, books, fashion and travel inside. As always, lots of ideas and inspiration await you in eShe magazine!

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There is a phrase, ‘snatching victory from the jaws of defeat’. It makes one believe that rising up out of loss or failure or grief is a dramatic event, an overnight breakthrough, a momentary act of heroic courage. In real life, however, it is a slow, deep, agonizing, uphill journey, and it takes great courage to just show up every day.

Our December cover girl Aditi Mittal uses everyday sexism and uncomfortable personal truths as food for laughter, and stands up day after day challenging mindsets with the power of her comedy (read her story here). Working mother of two and busy-bee Sanmeet Kaur’s perfect life underwent a debilitating tragedy when she lost her nine-year-old son to cancer (p.14) but her grief found vent in helping others cope with their own. The founder of Fem Care, one of India’s most successful personal-care brands, Sunita Ramnathkar had to reluctantly relinquish her self-built enterprise in a Dabur takeover. But nine years later she is back with a new potent skincare range based on the skin-rejuvenating properties of the lotus seed (p.48).

There is victory in defeat, just like there lies a tree in a seed, and a lotus in a muddy pond, but you have to nourish it with your positive intention and acts of everyday valour. Don’t give up. Your breakthrough is just around the corner.

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