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International badminton star PV Sindhu talks about the making of a champion; Prerona Roy shares how she rose like a phoenix after 82% burns; and top jewellery designer Sunita Shekhawat takes us on a tour of her exquisite meenakari marvels. Many more intimate and inspirational stories await you in this month's issue!

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We deal with challenges in different ways. Some of us, like eggs, harden in boiled water. Others soften like carrots. And those like coffee change the very colour of the water they are boiled in.

When cover girl PV Sindhu (p.20) was a young girl being trained in badminton, she had to alter her personality over a period of time – by controlling her anger after losing a point, or deflecting criticism with stoicism. For Prerona Roy, a devastating fire that left her with 82% burns only led her to develop her innate potential (p.8). Bitten by the empty-nest syndrome, Namita Saraf, owner of a chain of hotels, used her resources and time to give a whole generation of artists a commercial platform (p.18).

When my husband and I go to bed without resolving a fight, he turns over and is snoring in a few seconds, while I lie awake in the dark all night.

Dealing with our circumstances is 100% about us, not anyone else. Eventually, a successful person is one who can face their own inner demons and doubts, and still walk through to the other side. It may scathe you, but it will also leave you stronger.

I can stop fighting with my husband and sleep, or I can use my insomnia to work. It’s all about me.

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