Why Do These Women Want to Look Like Barbies?

It’s a strange thing. There was a time when man made dolls in the likeness of woman. Now women are going under the knife to create themselves in the likeness of dolls.

Okay, let’s not be polite about it. It’s not strange. It’s perverse, pathetic and really, really sad.

The woman’s body has always been subject to various social, cultural, biological and — in the case of queens — political pressures. In the 21st century — with its animated cartoons, pornographic video-game characters, and the lure of instant digital fame — there are so many expectations of feminine curves, however, that normal, regular women just won’t do any more. Nope, they need surgery to look and feel like women.

Sample this famous young Moldova-born woman Valeria Lukyanova, whose only ambition in life is to become a human Barbie. According to this website, the 28-year-old model claims she only had one surgery (breast enhancement). The plastic surgeon can hardly believe it himself. Her transformation from a regular girl to a doll happened after she moved to Odessa in Ukraine. She doesn’t eat, apparently, and survives on vegetable juices. She further says she plans to exist only on air and water. The idea of motherhood, she told GQ magazine, brings out a ‘deep repulsion’ in her. There are more bizarre pictures of her here and she even has her own website, Human Barbie.


Following in Valeria’s footsteps, a teenage model from Ukraine lays claim to being the ultimate ‘doll-like beauty’. With a 20-inch waist and 32F bust size, 16-year-old Lolita Richi claims she’s never had any kind of surgery, she doesn’t diet, and that her looks are all-natural, except for her wigs and contact lenses. (Do you believe that?) See more pictures of her here.


Then, there’s Victoria Wild, who spent 30,000 British pounds on rhinoplasty, permanent lip implants, botox and three breast implant surgeries taking her to a size 32G — all in order to look like a ‘sex doll’. According to Huffington Post, the 30-year-old even has plans for butt implants and three further breast augmentations. She’s being sponsored by her ‘supportive’ boyfriend. Her ‘before’ photographs show her to be a regular, if sad, young woman. Her ‘after’ photographs only enhance the mindlessness and pathos of the entire affair.


The problem of morphing women’s bodies in order to fit ever-more unrealistic standards of beauty are brilliantly (if gorily) expressed in this animated video ‘Supervenus’ by Frédéric Doazan. In the video, a woman is endlessly ‘nipped and tucked’ until she falls apart. It’s a gruesome foreboding of things to come in a world where beauty is based on a computer-generated ideal developed by strange, misogynistic minds.

Here, have a palate cleanser before you sign off. These are what REAL women’s bodies look like.


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