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Cinema in the mountains

kangra valley

???????????????????????????????There’s a reason why people travel to offbeat places – not only because the destinations are off the beaten track, but the experience such a journey offers is equally unique.

Ease India Travel is a start-up based in Pune that has decided to offer offbeat experiences to travel aficionados based on their own travel experiences. Their first holiday package (31st Oct – 5th Nov, 2014) will take travellers to the beautiful and largely virgin Kangra Valley, where India’s most eclectic Film Festival is to be hosted.

The 3rd Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF) will be held in the quaint town of McLeod Ganj, where holidaymakers will begin their Kangra affair. Armed with Delegate Passes that allow pass holders to view films of their choice without waiting in queues and also gives them special DIFF goodie bags, the holiday organisers are gung-ho about this opportunity to view cinema in the mountains!

The Kangra Holiday Package also offers a trek to Triund Top and overnight stay in a Guest House or Camp on the peak, and a 4-5 hour hike to Upper Barot Valley, crossing China Pass with overnight camping and a BBQ dinner.

The pièce de résistance and highlight of this trip is the two days stay at the quaint 4Rooms Hotel in Gunehar, just off Bir, the hottest paragliding destination in the Himalayas. The 4Rooms hotel is an erstwhile burned-down Himachali home painfully restored by Frank, an Indo-German who made Gunehar his home over a decade ago and runs a popular café called 4Tables Café.

Frank also runs an art project called the 4Tables Project and this trip will proffer guests the opportunity to learn more about this fabulous initiative. And to gourmands, this trip promises to transport them to culinary paradise!

The travellers will also take ‘sightseeing’ jaunts and visit places such as the Tsuglag Khang (Dalai Lama’s Temple) at McLeod Ganj, Ancient Shiva Temples at Bhagsunag and Baijnath, Chokling Monastery near Bir etc.

The trip is completely customisable – the hike can be replaced with a paragliding experience, or the trek at Triund with another day of movie viewing.

For details on this trip visit or write to for a detailed itinerary and pricing.

eShe disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

DIFF Package

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