The Pros and Cons of Having None, One, or Many Men In Your Life

A lot is made of men by women who don’t have one in their lives and an equal amount by those who do. So we set out to find out the advantages and disadvantages of being single, being in a committed relationship with one man, or having two or more men in your life. Whatever gets your goat.

rockstar_hindi_movie_stills__2_NO MAN’S LAND
The pros of being single:

  • You get the whole bed to yourself
  • You can do what you please without having to ask someone for their choice in the matter
  • You don’t have to put up with someone else’s quirks and idiosyncrasies; your own are enough
  • You can date whoever catches your fancy on a particular day


The cons:

  • You’re always looking for love
  • You’re always looking for sex
  • You’re lonely sometimes
  • You end up with blind dates at couple parties


rockstar_hindi_movie_stills__22_ONE-MAN SHOW
The pros of being in a committed relationship:

  • There’s always someone around to lift the luggage
  • There’s always someone around for a cuddle or sex
  • There’s someone to talk to when you are restlessly awake at 2 am, undecided about that new job offer
  • There’s someone to fight with when you’ve had a bad day at work


The cons:

  • There’s someone expecting a cup of tea in the morning, and for you to make it
  • There’s socks on the floor
  • There’s snoring at night
  • There’s temper tantrums at home if he’s had a bad day at work


joker_bollywood_movie_stills__2_ONE, TWO, MANY
The pros of having more than one man in your life:

  • You have one man for the money, and another for sex
  • You have an option to choose from when you seek a cuddle versus when you need a quickie
  • There’s never a dull moment on Whatsapp
  • You’re always horny


The cons:

  • The heart and mind are constantly in conflict
  • You spend more time planning your next illicit rendezvous than your big Powerpoint presentation at work
  • Lust and time-drought maketh a dangerous driver
  • You can’t decide whether you want to go on your ‘alone holiday’ alone or with your paramour

Add your own experiences in the comments box.


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