Kaleidoscopic daily wear

Add a dash of colour to your daily wear (just like we’re adding some to eShe with these pretty pictures). This here is the autumn-winter 2014 collection from Global Desi, called MiMaMo. You’ll find hints of the ancient Indian art of Madhubani fused with kaleidoscopic elements of mosaic and symbolic images such as the lotus plant, moving fish, birds, turtle or sun gods that symbolise wellbeing, luck and prosperity. This boho-chic collection gets its name from three medieval Indian arts: Mithila, Madhubani and Mosaic. You’ll find skirts, jumpsuits, long slit dresses, tunics, pallazo pants, shirt dresses, flowy skirts, navel grazing jackets, gaucho pants and more. They’re available at multi-brand stores everywhere. Very young and trendy and all that.

Global Desi
Pakshi maxi (Rs 3699) and Kisha jacket (Rs 2699)
daily wear
Anushka maxi (Rs 2999)
Global Desi
Annisa shirt (Rs 1399), Arti crop top (Rs 1499), Dishi pants (Rs 1799)
daily wear
Anissa blouse (Rs 1499) and Iksha pants (Rs 1699)

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