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A dose of ‘room therapy’

Sona ReddyWe love it when women set out to fulfil their dreams, and so it gives us great delight to know that Sona Reddy (Bangalore-based interior designer and self-confessed flea-market addict) has just launched her own store at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, this month after two years of planning.

Room Therapy, spread across 3000 sq ft, features wall décor pieces, candle holders, figurines, art, functional décor, vases, rugs, plants and garden accessories. You will also find furniture such as chairs, consoles, coffee-tables and chests. All these products are mainly designed and manufactured in various parts of the country and at certain destinations abroad.

“I wanted to make the store connect with the senses — a space that smells good, feels good and is overall a visual feast to the eye,” says Reddy, who documented the construction and interiors with time lapse. With a Master’s in Architecture and Construction Management from Bangalore, Reddy went on to become a field engineer in Robert F. Kennedy School, US. After four years of work there, she moved to Hyderabad, set up Room Therapy in a small studio in her own home and has now set it up as a full-blown store.

Her products are also available online. Let’s go shopping, you and I.

Room Therapy_ (61) Room Therapy_ (32) Room Therapy_ (1)

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