“Cancer was like a gift for me”: Immunologist and spiritual teacher Dr Monica Gulati

Facing cancer helped immunologist Dr Monica Gulati awaken to her life's purpose eight years ago. Since then she has been helping others awaken to their own truths.

Trained as an immunologist, Dr Monica Gulati realised her calling was not scientific research while she was doing her PhD in auto-immunity at the University of Zurich. Her search in integrating science and spirituality drew her to many masters, including Shri Aurobindo and Thich Nhat Hanh among others, and towards holistic living and education.

The immunologist and mother of two got a wake-up call through cancer in 2014. It brought her in touch with her own essence and revealed the true calling of her heart.

“Through cancer, I realised how my mind was scattered through the stories in my head. It was not home; it was not in the present moment. I was bonded to the images and stories in my head about my own self and about the situations and people around me. In that sense, the disease was like a fire in the house; in trying to save yourself, it somehow helps the mind to come back to the body. It really acted like a gift for me,” she narrates.

Dr Monica Gulati

Based in Gurgaon, India, she is now immersed deeply and fearlessly in all the movements of life and in sharing the messages that the inner being manifests through people, life situations, challenges, seeming tragedies and diseases. “The Universe is ‘for us’ and not against us,” she says.

She is co-founder of, an organisation that conducts private and group sessions to support simplicity, progress and evolution in the human journey.

In this latest episode of eShe TV, she speaks to Aekta Kapoor about living mindfully, healing from trauma and waking up to the true nature of suffering.

What the video here:

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