A beautiful year for Aries, opportunities for Leo – what the cards predict for 2022

What do the cards hold for 2022? Here's your annual forecast for the year ahead by Mumbai-based tarot card reader Karishmma Mmakhija

Your success guide for 2022, by Mumbai-based tarot reader Karishmma Mmakhija

Aries: What a beautiful year I see for Aries! You’ll move away from the troubles of last year, be it a broken relationship or a job that isn’t working out, moving towards better times. People will come to your aid in the early part of the year. You will heal and let go all what doesn’t work well for you. However, it’s important to understand why things happened from a macro and a micro viewpoint and not block experiences meant for you. It’s a year to love and appreciate yourself deeply. Spend time in nature. Beaming from the positivity of the initial few months, you’ll being in complete balance and keep your power by being assertive. There will be celebrations towards the end of the year, a marriage for some, a promotion for some or simply a new property purchase – just don’t let achievements make you arrogant. Enjoy this year thoroughly.

Taurus: The year 2022 begins well for singles. The first quarter is the perfect time to meet that someone special. The universe will present various opportunities to mingle. There may be times things don’t go your way or you’ll be at your wits’ end with people around you. That’s exactly the time to listen to your intuition and learn how to respond, and things should be fine. This is a year for big, happy changes for some of you. Towards the end of the year, some of you may go for a complete makeover, getting stylish and enjoying success. This is the year to work and play with your inner child. It’s asking for your attention and help. There may be many moments when you are alone but know it can be healing and magical. Bless and enjoy your solitude. Some may still be stuck in the past, maybe some memory. Embrace it, accept it, and release it. Wholeheartedly help everyone. Sometimes we find our answers while helping others find theirs.

Gemini: What a start of to the year! In the race to look ahead, positively so, I see some of you rising from the phoenix. You choose to start 2022 with a new heart and allow old memories to rest. The year begins with you being fierce, straightforward and in no mood for nonsense. Yet, avoid getting judgmental about those who don’t match up. However, as the year progresses, you are guided to follow your intuition in difficult times. Just play along and accept everyone as they are, including yourself. The second half of the year calls for compromises and forgiveness, be it with yourself or others. You need to communicate clearly else you’ll end up fighting battles internally or externally, leading to misunderstandings for a few. Towards the end of the year, intuition is heightened for many; maybe some secrets show up. A lot can be accomplished, only if you believe. So, enjoy your inner work, face your fears and grow.

Cancer: Your robe for the year 2022 is to live in your authenticity; raise your vibe and better your tribe. The past is an important milestone that has helped you become what you are today. Send out heartfelt blessings. By doing so, the focus shifts to love and your blessings automatically enhance your point of attraction, which today matches your renewed ways of thinking and being. It’s a year to support yourself. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Women will come to your aid in the first half of the year. Opportunities knock in the first quarter; seek help if required, or delegate. The first half of the year can see you in varied moods from nurturing and emotional to practical and ruthless. You take charge of situations and hold power but be careful not to over speak your mind leading to self-created hassles. Be assertive as well as meditative simultaneously. Know the biggest power is what you hold within.

Leo: The year brings anticipation for some of you. While you choose to wait, get more information on what is holding it back. I see the wait successful. While the second quarter of the year will see you putting in a lot of hard work, the cards suggest you trust while you move forward. The second half of the year is better, with new beginnings. However, take calculated risks while moving ahead. Some of you have a chance of encountering romance. Those struggling with health issues should see an improvement in the last quarter of the year. The period also opens other opportunities so keep your eyes and ears open! At any point of time, if you doubt yourself, know that the Divine is within you and Love and Light will guide you through the way. It’s time you acknowledge your most hidden need – being noticed and loved unconditionally. So, stop going back and forth with yourself and rule out all critical thoughts and words coming in your way, including memories. It’s time to embrace these memories, accept them, and let them go. You will finally rise from this.

Virgo: Avoid beginning the year on ego battles. You shall see big, happy changes if you let things be. The second quarter of the year sees a proposal for some, maybe a new job or romance. The second half of the year could be about travelling far and wide to distant countries. Some of you receive abundance in the form of love, money, or good health. Aim to be in alignment with your well-being. You feel complete freedom in doing so. Those of you in the path of this spiritual alignment may work around becoming healers. Know your doors mostly open when you light paths for others. Don’t let any kind of rejections hold you back this year. Rejection is a sign to restart, so start again. As you reboot your system, you open up to new energies within you.

Libra: Let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Make that peaceful resolution. The year begins with success, you being determined to get what you want. For some, success may be the theme of the year. Let Love and Light guide you. Stay away from what bothers you, let the chaos sort itself out. You are the centre of the universe, so give energy to only what you want to see grow, and enjoy that glory. The second quarter can see some of you travel or hear news from distant lands. Some may see fresh beginnings and swift movements around the same time. In case you are recovering from bad debt or bad health, you need not worry as you shall be abundant again. You appear to hold on to something towards the end of the year, unwilling to let go. Let your intuition guide you!

Scorpio: You begin the year beautifully moving away from all that doesn’t serve your purpose anymore. It’s the time of the year to be guided by your intuition. You are a magnet for abundance as the year begins so watch your thoughts. The year calls for you to trust the Divine in hours of confusion. You shall be guided. You are asked to be assertive. Some may indulge in distant travels in the second quarter of the year. Towards the end of the year many of you may be presented with opportunities, most likely related to work. It’s up to you to take things ahead; success purely depends on your mindset. Know that we are all created equal, and stop looking for approvals and acknowledgement outside. Everything exists inside of you. Emotions come in as a limitation this year. Understand these limitations are bound to end at a point. Till such time, find ways to be easy with growth and lessons. Don’t ignore your health this year.

Sagittarius: The good news is that you are travelling this year. Those struggling with a breakup, there are chances of a resurrection of a relationship. It’s important to forgive the past and let it go. All energies taking you back and forth need a clear direction. So, take a stance. Simplify your life and make your own discovery. The year begins with you wanting to clear the air with situations or people. However, you are advised to communicate clearly what’s on your mind, without being hurtful. These discussions can be a beginning to connections in a new way. As the year progresses, you see yourself established at work and you should expect happy changes. The second half of the year can see new romance, stable and sturdy. You may choose to take it slow. Towards the end of the year, some of you let go all what isn’t working for you and let your hair down. Enjoy the year!

Capricorn: Stress is keeping some of you awake and leaving you wondering how 2022 will be if it has started on such a note. Don’t be worried. Brace yourself for big, happy changes. Know you are protected. As the year progresses, some of you juggle more than what you can handle. You believe that it’s you who can do it the best. Time to acknowledge the resources that you already have and see them multiply. You should expect peaceful, transformative changes towards the second half of the year. Be prepared. Know your thoughts are the central point of focus. Figure how you feel in this situation. As you do so, things open beautifully. A helpful person will walk into your life towards the end of the year, more typically a man, middle-aged and mature. One of your lessons this year is to learn to receive, so welcome help gladly. You are advised to live in your authenticity.

Aquarius: Success and prosperity are a theme for 2022 of some Aquarians. In the pursuit of achieving financial highs, do continue nurturing and being there for your family. That will bring a sense of desired satisfaction. Help heal others. You are advised to use your intuition to play along; certain doors open for you. Also, a year for some of you to relive the good feelings of the past. Rejoice in those moments, they will help you expand your heart with joy. You may begin the year with abundance, but a lot to juggle with alongside. As the year progresses you are advised to let go of what doesn’t serve your purpose anymore. You may be forced to move out of your comfort zone, and may battle between the yin and the yang, leaving you victorious with whatever choice you make. Towards the second half of the year, you take complete charge of the situation, which improves from where it was. You are advised to stay positive and spend time with family towards the last quarter of the year. Some may join a family business.

Pisces: You may need to change your perspectives and follow your intuition. That will be the best way to begin the year. Time to leave the old behind, but before you bid a final goodbye, recall and rejoice in the memories of the past. Cry it out. Create anew; this time let the basis be truth. Leave no space for fear, just march ahead. Ask for help if need be. Just turn into your authentic being. As the year progresses, you become skilled at handling challenges. While doing so, bring your assertiveness forefront. These challenges may push you to focus inward — that is where the real growth and success lies. While some of you may encounter abundance towards the end of the year – be it in health, wealth or love – keep your eye open for the metaphorical thief who is waiting to steal that away from you. There may be many moments in this year that will call for solitude. Bless your loneliness!

Karishmma Mmakhija is a professional tarot and angel card reader, Reiki healer, B&C practitioner, and works with the Decrees. Guided by her intuition, she provides a mix of psychic and tarot readings and believes that the only way she can help herself is by helping the world. Call +91 9820410062 for appointments.

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