Ritu Goyal Harish and Smitha Murthy on Travel and Personal Growth: ‘The Brown Box’ ep.4

In episode 4 of ‘The Brown Box’ podcast for eShe, host Rani Jeyaraj speaks to travelpreneurs Ritu Goyal Harish and Smitha Murthy about their fondest memories as travellers and why travel is as much about inner journeys as external ones.

The pandemic has made us realise not only how much we love travelling, but that travel is so much more than the external experience. It’s also about how those experience change us, and how they allow us to grow. Travel is a journey – outwards for sure, but inwards as well.

In the fourth episode of The Brown Box podcast hosted by Rani Jeyaraj, created in collaboration with eShe, we discuss this subject of travel.

The first guest on the podcast is Ritu Goyal Harish. Ritu was a journalist for 17 years before she decided to reinvent herself and set up her own travel company, Ease India Travel, where she curates and organises trips that are a result of her own explorations as a confirmed travel junkie, trekker and adventure-seeker.

We also speak to Smitha Murthy who describes herself as a creator, writer and wanderer. Smitha runs a content agency curated for startups but has also created India’s first storytelling content platform for offbeat and sustainable travel called Trippin Traveller, which also offers curated listings for travel packages that are aligned with their ethos.

They talk about their memories as travellers and tips for sustainable and fulfilling journeys.

Listen to their conversation here:

About The Brown Box

The Brown Box is a podcast in which we discuss the good, the bad and the crazy that make up the country we love, India. Through conversations with inspirational women from different walks of life, we discuss the complexities of life as an Indian woman. Through topics ranging from food and books to colourism and gender violence, we discover similarities, we learn to accept differences and we unpack the Brown Box.

About Rani Jeyaraj

Rani Jeyaraj is a content creator who has spent over 20 years telling the stories of different individuals from the APAC region through videos and podcasts. Beginning her working career as a model, it didn’t take long for Rani to realise that her true calling was behind the camera and not in front of it.

She worked her way up from a runner to an assistant director, finally branching out on her own as an ad film director. A shift to Singapore allowed her to broaden her passion for storytelling. She now creates ads, travel shows, online content and podcasts – the format doesn’t really matter, she just loves to tell people’s stories.

Do share your thoughts about the podcast in the comments below. You can reach Rani Jeyaraj on thebrownbox2021@gmail.com.

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