Midlife Strategies

How to Discover the Gem That You Are and Create the Reality You Desire This Year

Gemstones evoke certain qualities that reflect ones already inside us; can we learn to recognise and cherish the gems we are?

By Kay Newton

January is the best month to take a step back and do nothing other than contemplate. You do not need fixing or help from anyone else, just time with yourself. Make space to mull over the past year and envisage the months ahead to create the reality you desire.

Let me share a story for you to ponder over.

A wise woman sat by her workbench, crafting a beautiful object made of gold and precious jewels. Her captivated granddaughter sat quietly beside, watching in awe. “What are all the shiny pieces?” asked the 10-year-old.

“Darling child, each part of my creation is unique and special in itself, yet together they become a valuable powerhouse. Let me tell you the potential of each the elements then you can see how strong they are together.

“The bluestone is called a sapphire, and although it looks like the sea, it also shines like the sky. This gem may have many powers: wisdom, protection, good fortune, mental clarity and insight. The stone also aspires to restore balance, help concentration and bring lightness and joy. The gem will help you to attract gifts and fulfil dreams.

“Green emeralds are gems that define love, protection, hope and an open heart. Think of the spring season, new beginnings, vitality and the cycle of life. Emeralds connect you to nature and others in a faithful long-lasting relationship.

“The red crystal is ruby; think of summer, fire and passion. It gives the bearer courage and strength, power and leadership, devotion and energy, confidence and motivation. Not only does it give you these capabilities, but the gem also aids with honour, compassion, generosity and prosperity.

“The gold is a precious metal, soft and pliable. It bends like a tree in the autumn wind, yet it is also strong and enduring. Gold has an indestructible nature and is very malleable. With gold’s relative scarcity, it is a unique metal. Humans are often related to gold and its enduring sheen. It is said their soul is eternal too.

“Diamonds are a symbol of purity, innocence, love, faithfulness to oneself and others. Invincible in hardness, it displays all the colours of all other gemstones, although it is transparent when the light hits. The gem of winter, the colour of ice, it is also one of pure and perfect light. When we are true to ourselves, we are like diamonds.”

Photo: Brett Hondow / Pixabay

As the grandmother mounted the final piece into the object, the beauty of the craftsmanship became apparent. Alone each element dazzles, yet together they are stunningly brilliant. The two looked upon the trinket, and the grandmother breathed deeply.

She asked the child, “Now that you know this knowledge, what do you see in this beautiful object?” The child simply answered. “I see myself.” The grandmother smiled, her work completed.

The story, when contemplated, has so many layers and questions. As unique human beings, we sometimes feel disconnected from the web of life and forget that we are part of nature. The cycles of the moon and tide, as well as the seasons, affect who we are.

When we relate to nature, we strengthen our reason for living, for being here on the planet, at this moment in time.

We may see our characteristics within the gems mentioned, attributes that are strong and well-formed within us and others that we aspire to become. We always have a choice, and we can now ask – what do we want to let go? What will serve us better now? How can we move forward?

When we look at familiar objects in new ways, we create different possibilities. The world around us is in a state of constant change; when we learn from our surroundings and listen to our intuition, we often find answers that were not apparent until we focused upon them.

There are many other precious stones in the world with hidden meanings that we can also explore. Such gems may lead you to further answers that you seek. You are all of the elements mentioned and more. Sometimes, the answers we seek are found in ‘nothing’ space. When we stop and be, rather than do, we can see modern-day life from a completely different angle.

Instead of beginning the New Year focused on dream / vision boards or a list of goals (both personally and professionally), stop and breathe. Focus on the coming 12 months by staying in the present moment. Find out how to sparkle right now and become the exquisite gift to the world that you are. What did you find when you contemplated the story?

Kay Newton is an award-winning speaker, writer and midlife strategist

Lead image: Sharon McCutcheon / Pixabay. First published in eShe’s January 2021 issue

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