New Direction for Gemini, Power for Libra – What the Cards Say for 2021

Tarot forecast for the year ahead by Karishmma Mmakhija

Your success guide for 2021, by tarot reader Karishmma Mmakhija


The year may begin with a few disappointments, but be optimistic. Meditate for answers and listen to your intuition. Things improve in the second half of the year; you will take complete charge of your life and will be at peace with yourself. Singles may end up in a sweet romance. Accept yourself unconditionally and open-heartedly. Be a light to others.


The year could begin with a battle of egos due to communication issues, so be cautious of what you say and how you say it. Believe in yourself and get complete information about any professional or personal offer before taking a decision. Things may not be the way they appear but you will handle obstacles well and improvise. Love yourself the way you are and know that you are loved. Arrogance will have its downfall, so be watchful.


The year may begin with encountering a mentor or a spiritual leader. The time has come to move past the old into something new. Pay attention to the signs you receive, be aware of what is calling for a change, a new direction. Listen to your intuition. It’s time to be assertive. Health issues will improve. Go with the flow, even if you see events move at unexpected speed.


You will stand up for whatever you believe in. There will be moments of frustration so meditate on what you seek and let go of what doesn’t serve you. A senior person may offer advice; be open to it. The second half of the year may be challenging; strive to rise above feelings of helplessness. Face your fear head on. You may come into money and travel to a place you always wanted to go.


You have everything you need to grow. But things may not be what they seem, leaving you in anticipation after all the work you have put in. There could be sleepless nights. Re-evaluate certain situations and choose to forgive and let go of some. Connect with people and live in your highest joy. Your God lives within you so ensure you make that a happy place!


The year begins and ends wonderfully and you may find what you have long desired – a new job or source of income, a new look, a new relationship, or a resurrection of old ones. Your key learning this year will be to communicate wisely and not be hurtful. With this change, you will attract many helpful people into your life. The worst is over and exciting things may happen soon.


2021 begins with you in complete power. You may collaborate with people to move your business ahead or may take up leadership roles. Keep an open channel of clear communication, and rest when required. Progress and success are up to you. Keep moving towards fresh beginnings that await you towards the end of the year. You shall be rewarded.


Be open to wise counsel from a mentor and don’t hesitate to ask for help. New relationships or projects are on the horizon but take sensible decisions. You may be assailed by your own inner demons, addictions or fears. Draw up strength from within you to tame them and come out victorious towards a peaceful resolution within yourself. The change within brings change without, and you’ll end the year on a balanced note.


There are signs of recovery, emotional or physical, and joyful moments with the family. Wishes may come true, mostly in the form of a financial or work opportunity. But avoid any hasty decision else you may be misled. Things will ultimately work out as you believe, so keep the faith. Trust divine timing, and let go of what doesn’t serve your higher purpose.


You begin the year comfortable in your own skin and financially secure. Continue to approach issues in a no-nonsense manner and you will be successful. Avoid judging people. You may migrate or travel to a foreign land and encounter helpful people. Some may have an increased workload of wearing two hats. Health improves from April onwards. Follow your intuition and be patient.


The year begins with you moving away from painful situations and drama. Keep the faith: the universe is protecting you in ways you can’t see. Your health may have been affected by unwelcome events but you will let go of what doesn’t serve you in the second half of the year, and achieve whatever you desire. Life is a mirror: make inward changes to see victory outwards.


You are armed with willpower and determination, and will receive exciting offers as your internal changes manifest, so take action and follow your heart but be assertive and communicate your needs clearly before taking the plunge. You are what you seek, so be careful of what you attract. If certain things come to an end towards the last quarter of 2021, forgive and let them go.

Karishmma Mmakhija is a tarot and angel-card reader based in Mumbai. The former media marketing professional took a turn towards spiritual modalities two years ago, and now practises them as healing tools.

First published in eShe’s January 2021 issue

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