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eShe TV: Let’s Talk About Extramarital Affairs

eShe's Aekta Kapoor and Shweta Bhandral discuss the ins and outs of romance outside marriage, along with expert inputs by Dr Shambhavi Alve.

Why do people have extramarital affairs? How do you deal with extramarital attraction? And how do you deal with betrayal? This and more was discussed in episode 6 of eShe TV  6 by eShe’s Aekta Kapoor and Shweta Bhandral along with inputs by psychologist Dr Shambhavi Alve. You can watch the video here:

While stressing that this is a non-judgemental space, Aekta gave examples of some reasons why people have extramarital affairs, and listed out a few stereotypes that are actually myths and aren’t really true.

Stereotypes about extramarital affairs that are actually myths

Shweta added anecdotes and perceptions about extramarital affairs from history, while stressing that extramarital affairs were mostly only permitted to men in positions of power and not so much for women in the past as in the present.

Aekta then shared action points for those in extramarital affairs or looking to have one.

Action points for those in an extramarital relationship or considering one

To help those who are dealing with a sense of betrayal, developmental psychologist and psychotherapist Dr Shambavi Alve weighed in from Mumbai. To sum up her points, Aekta shared another set of action points for such people.

Action points for those betrayed by their partner

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