Take eShe’s Lockdown Relationships Survey!

eShe is conducting a survey on how marriages and long-term relationships fared during the COVID lockdown. Please share your experience!

The lockdown has created unprecedented and unexpected crises in people’s lives, and one of the areas that have been impacted are relationships.

Due to traditional patriarchal family systems, a large number of Indian homes have an imbalance of power and responsibilities based on gender and age. Being older or male often comes with greater privileges and authority than being younger or female.

In the area of housework especially, women usually shoulder the burden. One ILO study found that Indian women spend up to 297 minutes per day on domestic work, compared with 31 minutes for men.

With the lockdown constricting families within homes for long periods, the situation has put the spotlight on this aspect of relationships in urban homes.

The load of housework has gone up due to many reasons in big cities: domestic helpers and other services are unavailable, schools are closed and children stuck indoors, joint families are cramped in small living quarters, many have lost jobs, or are facing mental-health issues, and employed adults are often working from home. In many cases, this has led to conflict and even violence.

We’d like to hear how you and your family are doing. eShe is conducting a survey on how marriages and long-term relationships fared during the COVID lockdown in 2020, especially in terms of gender division of household responsibilities. Names are not required.

Survey ends on August 20, 2020. Results will be published in September. Please click the button above to fill the survey form. Thank you!

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