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This is our REBEL ISSUE – so you'll find the maverick Sapna Bhavnani on the cover, and stories of transition, defiance and Gundi-ism inside!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Rebel Issue

J Krishnamurti had said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” I’ve always respected rebels – the nonconformists who chart their own paths, the ones who say yes when others say no, the daredevils, the mavericks and outliers.

It’s these folks who challenge conventional thinking and herd-like behaviour, who take risks and innovate in society, community, politics, sport and business. It takes courage, but each time a woman rides a motorcycle, tattoos her body or speaks up about being gang-raped (p.22), or each time a man dresses up as a drag queen (p.06), or a bunch of women declare they are happily single (p.30), or a fashion label calls itself ‘Gundi’, female thug, and celebrates female rebellion (p.42), it creates a ripple effect of courage, faith and solidarity.

Oddly, the rebellion today becomes the rulebook for herds tomorrow, so the original revolutionaries – Krishna, Siddhartha, Jesus – end up spawning religions that imprison future generations in discriminatory rules, superstitions and bigotry, instead of the love and inclusivity they had stood up for.

Let’s all rebel against religious dogmas and social codes that cloud our innate intelligence, judgement and compassion. Let’s be discerning in thought and love in action. The world needs more of us.

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