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Success on the Cards for Virgo and Aquarius! Get Your March Tarot Forecast Here

This is what March will be like for your personal and professional growth, says tarot reader and educationist Alka Mahajan.

The nurturing side of your personality will provide a deep sense of security and warmth to those close to you. You will be there for all, always reliable, realistic, home-loving. Magnificent success in financial matters is indicated. You will come across a steadfast woman belonging to an earth sign and the lesson she imparts will benefit you. Application of practical, conservative measures in your affairs will be beneficial. There will be a lot of spark in your relationship with your partner.

Expect material benefits, physical luxuries, sensual pleasure, and feeling like the cat that’s got the cream. In fact, chances are stacked in your favour that your current dream will come true. You will take pride in your achievements and sneakily feel a little smug about pulling off your tour de force. However, don’t bask so much in your own success that you close yourself to others or cause others to envy you. Don’t have preconceived notions or be judgmental about anyone else’s point of view. Brief journeys with your loved ones will be therapeutic as well as interesting learning experiences.

Relationships are boldly highlighted this month and if you are looking for love or have just met someone special then feel yourself immerse in a state of magnetic charm and attraction. If you are already in a love bond then you will experience a state of harmony where you are able to find a common ground and reach a compromise between opposing viewpoints. There will be wonderful moments of nurturing and healing. A surprise visit from a Scorpion friend will be monetarily rewarding as a business idea takes shape wonderfully.

There will be a need for you to look within for answers, to do some soul-searching or to take a break from the rat-race or other people’s opinions to formulate your own. Put your plans on hold until you can discriminate between what is right for you and what isn’t. To create a more emotionally balanced way of looking at life, put your trust and faith in a spiritual belief that will guide you out of any obstacle. Do listen to the advice of an Arien buddy in matters of the heart.

Focus on tangible results and draw on your practical knowledge and skills to invest in yourself and your future. A financial enterprise begun now will eventually lead to prosperity and material security. You will have all resources at hand to make a success of whatever you intend. Accept what is and enjoy your sense of external and internal well-being. If you play with fire, you will land into serious trouble. Relationships are warm and health is perfect! Legal issues will be dealt with well. This year you will meet people who have been a major part of your life in the past and it would do you good to treat them well and make amends for past behaviour.

Legal issues, business deals and official work will have a successful outcome. Whatever the results of a series of events, things will now begin to work out for you if you are truly honest and take responsibility for your choices. If seeking a new romance, you will surely get what you desire, or a charming diplomatic admirer will soon come into your life. If someone has wronged you, an apology will be received. If you have acted unjustly intentionally or unintentionally with an Aquarian, you will surely pay a heavy price for your actions in terms of trying and testing situations.

Gear up for the multifarious challenges that will come your way. They might not be the ones you had expected but your vigilance will save the day. Be honest about your needs and look at all the facts. Someone at the workplace may spread venomous gossip about you or you may find yourself as the object of a blunt verbal assault. Your plans may be delayed because of the aggravation of an individual younger to you. Try to understand the implications of documents before signing on the dotted line.

You are about to enter a phase of fresh optimism and passionate fun. Abandon yourself to the spontaneity of carefree emotions and just go out there and enjoy life. The more confident and inspired you are, the more successful you will be. You may not get top-billing initially, but as you develop your skills, the progress will be praiseworthy. Joint ventures or teamwork will bring fruitful results. Combine creativity with pragmatism. A love interest belonging to the air signs will add magic to your life!

It is fine being upfront and direct or witty in life, but it can also mean suppressing your true emotional needs. You find fault with everyone around you because no-one can live up to your high expectations. You must liberate yourself from old patterns of behaviour, drop emotional baggage and say goodbye to the old you. It’s time that you de-cluttered your life. You are ready to start afresh, turn over a new leaf, and get ready for a great adventure. A new romance could come into your life with you not even looking for it.

Situations surrounding you will make you feel dejected and left out in the cold. You may be so wrapped up in your sense of deprivation that seeing your way forward will seem impossible but take heart as there will always be someone to save you. Stop blaming the whole world and get on with life, for your own sake as well as for the sake of those who care for you. Avoid taking risks in business ventures and property matters. Loved ones will bring joy. Expect an addition to the family.

You are dedicated to a cause, optimistic and enthusiastic for any new change or development in your life. You will go through a phase of upbeat magnetic energy that needs expression. You may receive an inheritance or family money might be available for your own purposes. Fame and fortune can be yours for you possess the requisite expertise to accomplish even seemingly impossible tasks. Happiness, security and fulfilment are indicated in relationships. Media exposure will bring tremendous name, fame and power.

There is apathy in your movements suggesting you are emotionally stuck and that right now you need to open your eyes and see what is offered to you rather than what cannot be yours. In your withdrawn state, you may reject help that is being offered. Life may seem dull but soon you will be able to focus on your goals and good feelings will return if you make the effort. Be generous with energy, talents and resources and you will discover that people reciprocate in kind.

Alka Mahajan is a widely travelled educationist, professional tarot card reader and a certified counsellor and psychotherapist. Her tarot predictions are broadcast regularly on FM radio. For appointment, contact

Lead image: Thought Catalog on Unsplash. First published in eShe’s March 2019 issue