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With Akanksha Hazari, founder of m.Paani, on the cover, this issue is all about technology for life. Meet women who have used mobile connectivity and social media to make the most of their talents. Plus fashion, food, travel and more! Start reading.

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This month I exited from a bunch of very large WhatsApp groups, populated by over 200 women each (who are all intelligent and good people, I am sure). Well-wishers advised me against the exit: why would I want to shut myself away from possible career leads and useful neighbourhood information?

Well, I don’t know how much I’m losing in terms of networking or opportunities, but one thing’s for sure: it’s far more peaceful in my head, and I’m able to focus on my priorities. The constant ping of messaging apps had kept me in a state of high alert at all times, leading to burnout. It now feels like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Mobile technology has changed the way humans think, behave and work. It has opened up an infinite number of possibilities – such as those being tapped by our cover girl Akanksha Hazari (p.22), founder of m.Paani, a loyalty programme that allows consumers to use their mobile number to collect points on daily expenses.

Internet-based communication also helps women like Preeti Kumar (p.36), who made a career using digital marketing while moving countries as a trailing spouse. Another benefit is how social media serves as a brilliant platform for art and poetry, as three young Instagram poets testify (p.30).

But the key to happiness is always balance – between use and misuse, between convenience and compulsion, and between pleasure and pressure. Technology is meant to ease your life, not rule it.

May your phone always bring you joy and growth!

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