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My husband and I curl up on the sofa on most nights these days to watch the football World Cup. During half-time, we talk. I often share with him stories of the amazing women I’ve met, and this past month, I met two for whom marriage was part of the spiritual growing process, just as it has been for me.

As a subversive rebel, I used to find the concept of marriage stifling once. But as our relationship grows older and the edges are rounded out, I have come to understand that commitment does not have to negate one’s freedom. Our growth lies on the tightrope balancing act between the two.

eShe began as a joyful expression of my love for my countrywomen, a way for me to use my skills to celebrate their strength and stories. It was a step dipped in freedom for I finally had the time and resources to launch such a project. It was effortless because I love what I do. I am in the flow.

But as the magazine completes a year, and my team of supporters grows, something has changed.

It’s gone from love to marriage. Commitment has crept in – to my readers, to my contributors, to the many women whose lives we touch.

Subconsciously I resisted the commitment, and ended up manifesting a roadblock in my progress. But as I opened up to the lesson in the experience, I realized that commitment is not the problem, it is the opportunity. Like a snug-fit marriage, it is a platform for freedom and growth.

The legendary Queen Bey said, put a ring on it. Happy anniversary, my loves.