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This Month’s Love Tarot (Celebrations Ahead for Cancer and Aquarius!)

This is what Valentine's month will be like for your relationship, says tarot reader and educationist Alka Mahajan.


If you are single, know that you will have a relationship in a relatively short time but do not settle for less than you deserve. Judge potential partners by what you know about yourself and your needs, not by what you used to want. Stand up for yourself. Kindness and the desire to empower will prevail, leading to the resurrection of love and attraction once thought dead if you are already in a relationship.

Love Tip: You will win a fight or give up a bad habit and rise to the occasion to save the marriage or a close relationship. Use beige hues and sandalwood fragrances for the love spirit to prevail.


Congratulations! You have succeeded in becoming who you need to be for true love to enter your life and relationship. If you are involved with a new love, it is the real thing. In fact the cards indicate a possibility of marriage. Be more aware of how successful and respected you are. You will have a safe and secure situation at home. There is a feeling of wholeness and stability.

Love Tip: Worrying about or trying to ‘fix’ frustrating and dysfunctional interactions with your partner can waste time and energy. Use soft peach fragrances and rose scents to enhance the romantic fervour.


Be direct. Express your understanding of life and its challenges. You may meet or already know someone who is precise, picky and can’t stand disorganization. This person is a great conversationalist and excellent listener and can give you wise advice, as well as make you laugh. But this person is also shrewd and calculating when it comes to relationship. In your partner you will find a good counsellor and mentor.

Love Tip: Do not venture into a relationship if there is no humour or mental stimulation. Use floral hues and lilac fragrances to add to the love feeling.


It’s celebration time! Enjoying yourself is as important as working hard. Opportunities abound for wonderfully romantic days and nights, so take advantage of them. Put your worries aside and feel gratitude for life’s gifts. If you’re looking for love or are in a relationship, go on a trip or attend a celebration. Just make sure that happy people surround you with good wishes. This is a time to give thanks and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Love Tip: Don’t let family and friends interfere too much in your personal lives lest misunderstandings may arise. Use white and pink hues for a harmonious love life.


Communication problems may interfere with your love life. Your intentions might be misunderstood. Plans and directions may go awry. Messages of love, romance and appreciation will be blocked. You may wonder if the other person ever really cared or meant what he or she said. Your heightened feelings of insecurity will raise their ugly heads. You must overcome them and develop self-worth.

Love Tip: Pay attention to signs and symbols, including body language. Use beige hues and musk fragrances for adding chutzpah to your love life.


An excellent time to manifest your true love dreams! Appreciate and protect your good fortune and that of loved ones. Share your feelings in a straightforward way, taking charge while being receptive to others’ needs. Charitable events can provide you with social connections that greatly benefit you and introduce you to thoughtful and successful people. Patronize the arts, go shopping or enjoy your wealth as best as you can but do save for a rainy day.

Love Tip: Appreciate the gifts of beauty and grace all around you. Prepare to experience a true soul-mate connection. Lavender scents will add to the beautiful romantic touches.


The power of love may not triumph over force, coercion and extremism. Faith may be challenged or weakened and the desired outcome may not be obtained. There may be a tendency to feed on the weaknesses of another; to dominate, control and exploit vulnerabilities for personal benefits. Beware of encountering or displaying cowardice. Don’t let fear stop you from doing what is right. Protect yourself and your interests.

Love Tip: Don’t give away your power because of loneliness or desperation. If you feel dependent on another because of material reasons or for protections, there may be resentment and a lack of true love. You will not be able to remain faithful in an angry relationship. Use orange hues for luck in love.


You want to encounter or feel the heady excitement and promise of new love, even in an existing relationship, but fear of commitment in you or another person may make you feel vaguely unfulfilled. You may have been deeply hurt by a parent, lover or even a thoughtless friend. You could be in for a new and unpleasant surprise in the form of the childish behaviour of an ego-driven person. You or your love interest might not be able to open your hearts to love now because of old wounds. You need to spend time with yourself and learn self-love.

Love Tip: The realization of true love brings peace of mind and fills your heart with joy. Use an abundance of floral hues to bring serenity and peace in your life.


If you are in a relationship, the best you can expect is that it is going to change radically and for the better. If you have been praying for more freedom or some kind of fundamental restructuring of your relationship including breaking up or divorcing, your prayers are about to be answered. Whatever happens next will not occur in the way you expected, so prepare for big changes. Looking for love could steer you towards a passion that you had long forgotten.

Love Tip: Any problems you find yourself experiencing regarding your love life may be the result of your or your love interest’s lingering psychological problems. Use sea-green hues for a calm love life.


You have endured difficult times and your challenge now is to shake off what you have been through so you can make the most of the happy times that will soon come. You need to change your beliefs about yourself and realise that you are now in a much better position. You are more discerning and can make good decisions. Things are looking up. Give yourself permission to have fun. You have weathered storms and you can rightfully enjoy life’s bounties.

Love Tip: A trip will do you much good and may lead you to meet a person who will become a very important part of your love life. Use maroon and mauve hues for keeping your love life full of energy.


Rejoice! You are about to meet a charismatic partner who loves you just as you are. You and your partner will reach a position of power and will be respected by those you respect. Accept meeting and lunch invitations, and make dating and relating a priority. Interact with everyone, no matter what their status. Be yourself but put others at ease by respecting their origins. Open yourself to a feeling of spontaneity and learn to love yourself unabashedly. A pragmatic and sensible individual will appear in your life.

Love Tip: Get down to the basics in your relationship. Seek outdoor activities and athletic type of people. Be natural, realistic and committed. Use pink hues for everlasting love.


You may get a variation on what you want and find that, in the end, it goes against your best interests. A hurtful secret could be discovered. Regrets about a love situation can cause you to blame yourself. A manipulative or mean-spirited person might be the problem. If you disregard your partner’s opinion, they will feel like a victim. Be careful of thoughtlessness, harassment or gossip. Even though someone is being selfish, try to avoid blame and revenge in love.

Love Tip: The time of defeat is the best time to sow the seeds of future successes. Communicate your needs and open up! Use lavender shades and fragrances to keep the environment around you loving.

Alka Mahajan is a widely travelled educationist, professional tarot card reader and a certified counsellor and psychotherapist. Her tarot predictions are broadcast regularly on FM radio. For appointment, contact

Lead image: Tanja Heffner on Unsplash. First published in the February 2018 issue of eShe magazine. Read it for free here, or buy the print edition.

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