Even Joblessness Can Lead You to Meaningful New Journeys, Says Brittany Garth

What life hands to you is not as important as what you choose to give back to life, says motivational speaker Brittany Garth.

By Brittany Garth

 I was born in Seoul, Korea, and brought up in Virginia, USA, where I continue to live. As a child, I loved to write and was very musical. I played three instruments by the age of 13 – violin, trombone and flute – and did ballet. I did my undergrad degree in social work and then went on to do my Master’s in marriage and family therapy. I have a younger brother who serves in the US Navy.

In 2014, I was working for a non-profit counselling agency for women and children as program director. The company abruptly stopped me as well as my staff for five months. My staff eventually all quit and I too eventually realized that I had to give up the position.

The day I chose to become a life coach happened to be one of the worst days of my life. At that time, I was financially and emotionally broken after my job loss. After several months, I finally made the decision to no longer remain a victim of my circumstances and to enter into my greatness at my lowest point.

The gift of reaching your lowest point is that you only have two options: to remain where you are, or to become something greater than what is presently in front of you. I wrote out a business plan, set goals with deadlines and decided I would never look back.

Instead of focusing on creating a business that would make me “financially wealthy”, I focused on creating an empire that would help other women who were going through changes within their lives and needed support with uncovering the best version of themselves.

DEAR-PINQ-BOOK-COVER-FRONTAfter multiple failed attempts within my first year of business to gain clients as a life coach within my city locally, I decided to market my skills in other cities. This led to a six-city tour to empower women. This initiative granted me the confidence and the motivation to market my business in other countries.

I learned quickly as an entrepreneur that any success was dependent upon my personal view of myself as a woman and business owner. I no longer placed restraints on what or where I thought I was capable of doing business or impacting other women.

Within three years, I was able to facilitate two empowerment tours for women, work with hundreds of women in the US, Canada, Europe, China, India, Australia and more, and to be featured in various publications for my work as a certified life coach to women. Last year, at the age of 30, I additionally decided to publish my first book, Dear Pinq, to share my journey of struggle to success in hopes of inspiring and uplifting other women in need. I have since gone on to create a launch a mobile app and launch a free membership network for life coaches globally.

My greatest success came from my biggest failure, which only proves that circumstances do not determine our greatness; our response to them does.

Brittany Garth’s book, Dear Pinq, can be purchased online at Dimensionedwellness.com.

First published in the September 2017 issue of eShe magazine


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