LGBTQ flash mob surprises bystanders in trendy Delhi shopping district

Given India’s current socio-political scenario, it’s heartening to read of mavericks and change-seekers who dare to stand up for their cause, and who have the courage to follow their vision of a more inclusive society.

One such group of people came together and presented an LGBTQ flashmob last Saturday, April 8th, in one of New Delhi’s busiest shopping districts, Hauz Khas Village. Frequented by young urban professionals, tourists, college students, artists and social butterflies alike, the neighbourhood is known for its vibrant night life and ‘boho’ feel.

DSC_0510The event was organised by ‘Those in Need’, a non-profit that works for the welfare of minorities, and sponsored by SCRUFF, a dating app for GBTQ people. Originally targeting gay men, SCRUFF is now an inclusive platform that also serves as a travelling guide and social network.

Flash mob 2The event was meant to shatter stereotypes around the community with the help of powerful messages and an even more powerful dance. It started with a freeze mob in which the participants stood at different locations carrying placards against social stereotypes. Some of the messages said:

“I am gay. I love sports.”

“I am lesbian. I don’t hate men.”

“I am homosexual. And it’s not a choice.”

“I am homosexual. I am not attracted to everyone of the same sex.”

“I am queer. And I am monogamous.”

“I am homosexual. Me getting intimate doesn’t cause earthquakes.”

Flash mob 1Some of the quirkiest ones said, “I am queer. Yoga can’t cure me.” It was a covert reference to yoga guru Baba Ramdev who has offered to ‘cure’ homosexuality with his exercises.

DSC_0516Even ‘straight’ allies joined hands with the community with placards like: “I am straight. Not narrow.”

IMG_2412Soon after the freeze mob, participants began dancing to the beats of the dhol with an expression of joy and strong sense of pride. As the dance progressed, the crowd merged with the participants in dancing to their hearts’ content.

DSC_0592The event ended with the participants holding up a large banner saying: “We are here. We are queer. We are not a stereotype.”

IMG_5679After the dance, participants interacted with the audience and talked about how society is going through a slow but positive change. Some participants shared how their parents have accepted them the way they are.

DSC_0523The participants were fearless and confident while answering questions about general myths and stereotypes regarding the LGBTQ community. The crowd buzzed with excitement and a sense of shared happiness to be part of such an event in the heart of Delhi. Here’s to more such open-minded experiments!


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