Don’t be shy! Shopping made easy for sex toys and bedroom goodies

There’s a whole lot of websites out there trying to make sex easier and more fun for the average Indian man and woman so we thought we’d list them out for your shopping pleasure. These adult-goods websites not only feature day-to-day items like contraceptives, but also rather wicked sex toys, oils and accessories. And they’re totally legal! All of these feature discreet delivery options with no mention of anything naughty whatsoever on the packaging or in your credit card bill. So click away at these online sex shops for exciting bedroom moments.

First up is the very convenient CondomBazaar, where you can buy all sorts of condoms in a jiffy. There’s a whole lot of options at this site, which has been in business since 2009. They quote a recent study by UNAIDS, which found that though condoms are one of the most efficient ways to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, most Indian men and women find the embarrassment of purchases across the counter at a store the biggest barrier to buying condoms. The site features all kinds of condoms, all brands, and of all shapes, sizes and flavours, including female condoms, and the site is clean and non-embarrassing. Pretty useful.


If you’re in the mood for more than just safe sex, head out to That’sPersonal, where you can get plenty of fun and intriguing products to spice up your sex life. Headed by a former Microsoft employee Samir Saraiya, the site features imported ‘pleasure’ goods from across the world, especially Europe. Try the sensual massage oils, tingly lipstick, bath bombs, and toys from handcuffs and massagers, to role-play lacy inner- and outerwear. They are also one of the only sites that feature sexy men’s lingerie and products for gays. One plus point: Everything on the site is presented in a very mature way, making it all very tasteful for women buyers.


You can also head to ImBesharam, endorsed by none other than porn star and Bollywood movie actress Sunny Leone. They have an extensive array of sex goods, lingerie, toys and stuff you’d probably never even dreamt of. A word of caution about opening the link on your office computer: It features lots of pictures of semi-naked women — so we are sure male shoppers will find browsing through the site almost as titillating as using their products.


If you’re looking for ‘romantic’ products for your significant other, you can try BlissBasket, founded by Pune-based Mayur Masrani earlier this year. With romantic games and edible lingerie their top-selling product already, the site specialises in making your intimate moments all the more special. An interesting feature they offer is the ‘Romantic Subscription Plan’, in which customers receive their signature brown box / wrap filled with one or more products on a monthly basis depending on their subscription plan (based on duration of marriage, relationship status, for him / for her / for both, anniversary or proposal date, et cetera). They’ve used the services of a sexologist, psychiatrist and ‘Love Guru’ to create unique packages for each customer based on their profile. The idea is to introduce an element of ‘romantic surprise’ once a month in the relationship. You get up to 37.5% off on the 12-month plan. Worth a try!


There’s no more excuse for a boring sex life, we say. Happy, sexy shopping!

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