Fairytale fashion

Navya and Divya Niranjan
Navya and Divya Niranjan

We’re tired of being Ms Red Riding Hood. So we’re glad someone decided to make us the wolf for a change. Giving a naughty twist to the fairy tale, the Resort 2014 collection by Blueprint Coleccion has a ‘wild, rebellious streak’. The brainchild of sisters Navya and Divya Niranjan, the label Blueprint was launched in 2011 with the idea of being ‘bold and bright’ and has had six quirky collections so far. Navya, 33, is based in Santa Clara, California, while her sister Divya, 29, lives in Chennai, India. They tell us about themselves and their new collection.

Who are you people?
Divya: “I am interested in fabrics and the way they are transformed via design into clothes. As a production manager with a leading designer in Chennai, I really came into my own and discovered what I wanted to be. After a couple of years of gaining the requisite experience I decided to launch my own label, Blueprint, in partnership with my sister, Navya.”
Navya: “I have always possessed a certain amount of creativity and I believe creativity and fashion are intertwined. I started cooking recently and learnt that, in fact, cooking and fashion are quite similar too. A few of the right ingredients and you can cook up a chic little number! Fashion is really something. It’s influential, powerful and full of energy.”

What’s all this about fairy tales?
The fanciful aesthetic of the costumes in fairy tales can generate boundless creative ideas for modern fashionistas. This is also well-suited to the Blueprint tagline of keeping it bold and bright. The story of Red Riding Hood traditionally portrays the good and bad sides, and quite starkly at that. We have earnestly tried to shake this up a tad with little changes to make this tale our own, while giving it the edge our collection needed – by making good and bad the two sides of the same person. Innocent Red and Predator Wolf are the two main ideas around which the collection is designed, giving it the quirky, yet fierce look. The colours, prints, silhouettes and textures are true to our brand values. With every line, we’ve intended to showcase bold and bright prints and colours.

Where can we get our hands on these dresses?
They’re available at Soh-Koh Clothing, Sector 26, Chandigarh, and online at Tadpole store, Fabulloso and Style Tag.

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