A perverted system

Photograph: The New Indian Express
Photograph: The New Indian Express

We all read about the Mumbai Shakti Mills gang-rape last year in the news — we got updates online, on television, in the papers, in the news weeklies. But what was really happening is now laid bare by this first-person article written by a colleague of the survivor.

The Indian penal system — with its illogical and inhumane ways of doing things — scores yet another point in absurdity. (Why do you need a survivor of gang-rape to touch and identify the perpetrators, for heaven’s sake?)

The defence lawyers perform top notch on the scale of contemptibility.

The Indian media outdoes itself in insensitivity and crassness.

If this is the situation where urban, middle-class, educated girls are concerned, imagine what rural, uneducated or lower caste women must go through? As if being target of a heinous crime was not enough, our system is hell-bent on punishing the victim further at every opportunity it gets.

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