The Reinvention

Our series ‘The Reinvention’ is about women who adapted to the ‘new normal’ during the COVID lockdown and took a new direction in their career during this challenging period.

Actor Priya Malik’s New Online Poetry Workshops

Poet, actor and model Priya Malik has launched online poetry workshops Priya Ki Pathshaala during the COVID lockdown.

This Fitness Entrepreneur Took on a Digital Avatar During Lockdown

Lockdown can’t put down a winner! Shalini Bhargava, founder of JG’s fitness studio in Mumbai, reinvented her work format and went digital during the pandemic.

This Moradabad Coaching Centre Boss Became a Lockdown Chef

When the pandemic struck down Parul Ahuja’s coaching centre business in Moradabad, she started a home restaurant offering fabulous food.

When Cooking Is Meditation, a Lockdown Home Bakery Is a Sweet Beginning

Launching a home bakery – that too during lockdown – was not just a business decision, it was an act of passion for Kaveri Jain.

Delhi Girl and Darjeeling Grandma’s Lockdown Momo Kitchen

Meet Chitrangada Gupta who, along with her Boju (grandma), started a home kitchen during lockdown supplying delicious momos to Delhi-ites.

From Budding Musician to Lockdown Doughnut Baker!

Music student Soumya Sofat put aside her singing aspirations during the lockdown and instead started baking doughnuts – lots and lots of them!

From Education Entrepreneur to Quarantine Baker

Shweta Joshi put her creative and entrepreneurial skills to use after Covid shut down her education business, and turned into a baker of beautiful treats.

This Entrepreneur Took Her Music School Online During Lockdown

The pandemic created both crisis and opportunity for Tanuja Gomes‘s Furtado School of Music. She went digital, survived and thrived. 

Lockdown Didn’t Deter This Pastry Chef from Turning Entrepreneur

Even a pandemic could not deter young pastry chef Salonika Bansal from launching her own venture – a boutique patisserie offering luxurious treats.