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A good year for Aries to adopt a pet, a time of brilliant success for Cancer – Tarot predictions for 2023

What do the cards foretell for you in 2023? Mumbai-based tarot card reader Karishma Makhija has a look.

What do the tarot cards foretell for 2023? Here’s your happiness guide by tarot reader Karishma Makhija.


There is no looking back for you. Move ahead with complete conviction. This is the year to take action and make your dreams come true. Many of you will see abundance, prosperity, success and rewards. Know that all of this comes with hard work. Your determination and willpower will pay off. Those in the creative field especially could taste exceptional success. In this hustle bustle of life and work, you are advised to rest adequately and meditate, get more sleep and take vacays from time to time (following covid protocols, of course!). Some of you may find true lasting love. If you’re looking to adopt a pet, this is your year.


Release everything that holds you back. It’s time for spiritual growth, endings that lead to new beginnings. Learn to see humour in difficult situations. You may meet someone special, all of a sudden. Be prepared to get swept off your feet. However, the relationship may have a lack of balance. For the rest, it’s a year to focus on your career. Stand up for what you believe in but choose your battles wisely. Those looking at an amicable divorce should be able to get one in 2023. Those of you inclined towards art and poetry should work on building that passion. You are guided to go back to your roots. They have within them the strength and substance to move you forward in new ways.


Many of you wake up to a bored 2023. Shake yourself out of this boredom, else you may have many missed opportunities leading to regret. Most of the year, you’ll juggle responsibilities and work hard with not much time to play. While being focused on your career is a good thing, you are advised to balance as well as let go of what doesn’t serve your purpose anymore. I see some happy news coming up for a few Geminis. Some of you would be announcing pregnancies, engagements, weddings, and graduations. Overall, you should know that you are the queen of your life, and you own all the power you need. However, you are advised to make decisions in complete awareness as your choices are likely to impact many others in great intensity.


This is the year to demonstrate your strength. Being the most sensitive of all signs, you are guided to follow your heart, your intuition. Pay attention to the signs from the universe. Let go of all unnecessary worries and fears. In due course, revelations will make things clear. Some of you may meet someone interesting and charming, who could make your heart flutter. If you do, also remember to acknowledge the most hidden need inside you to be noticed, to be loved, unconditionally. Get quiet and stop all forms of critical thoughts and words back and forth. Give yourself enough time before making any decision. For some of you, insights may come through meditation. Take breaks if you suffer from mental exhaustion. Overall, this year will see brilliant successes, a time of joyful accomplishments and spiritual enlightenment. Freedom to do whatever you want. So go ahead and be proud of yourself!


Keep your eye on the big picture this year. Step into your favourite place, the spotlight. Walk away from any drama. If conflicts are caused by opposing opinions, know if it is worth your time to invest further or not. I see some of you take up leadership roles and some of you make a career in public speaking. This year make choices from the heart, be it for a lover, a friend or family. Embrace true love and deep intimate friendships. Keep your heart open and guards down when it comes to people who matter. Don’t be sensitive to criticism. All seeds that you plant this year will pay off well in the future. Be patient. Avoid unnecessary worry. Those suffering from illness should start seeing recovery in 2023.


There will be some endings and some new beginnings. You are encouraged to spend time alone – it can be healing and works like a miracle when done from a space of knowing that it is only temporary, a time to pause for reflection and insight. This year you may have an awakening when you see things in a whole new light. Your guardian angel is watching over you. Plan carefully before taking any action and pay attention to details, but get going! Some of you may take up leadership roles in your workplace, thereby stepping into the spotlight. Communicate your vision, and stay away from drama, unless something is worth your time. I see your energies as loyal, dedicated, protective and apprehensive through the year. Embrace your uniqueness in 2023 and indulge in charitable actions.


You are the centre of the universe and so it is. Give your precious attention to only that you want to see grow and enjoy the glory in all ways! Stop focusing on anything negative. Choose not to live in any fear or you’ll end up creating self-fulfilling prophecies. You are urged to refocus your thoughts. If things don’t go your way, know everything happens for a reason. Look for hidden blessings. Bring in the balance of blending your ideas with others, a successful compromise, to create something extraordinary. Overall, I see your energies as logical, perceptive, insightful and blunt along with being patient and balanced. Review all documents and paperwork carefully this year


There is no space for fear. Clear it right away! Create anew and this time let the basis be truth. I see your energies as scholarly, cheerful, dependable and mischievous all through the year. Those of you looking to study have a great year ahead. Professionally, excellent opportunities present themselves. Keep yourselves away from drama and choose your battles wisely. Whatever efforts you make this year will see success in due course of time. So don’t be scared, do what your heart feels is right. Overall, a year of successes and happy accomplishments.


Never look outside for acknowledgement, you are applauded anyway. As you recognise the awareness in spirit that you share with every other person on this planet, the need for approval fades away. What a year for Sagittarius! Your wishes come true, blessed with good fortune, you live a magical time of life in 2023. I see some of find love, a new relationship, something fulfilling. You’ll be balancing many priorities at once. Many of you could receive public recognition for the hard work you have put in as well as abundance from your past choices. This could be your year for planning for the long term, but be patient as you decide what’s next.


Are you still living in the past? Perhaps you are the only player who has an etched memory. Let this memory work to your advantage in all ways. Embrace it, accept it and then release it.  A lot of you will be in a reflective energy through the year. You will be happy to spend time meditating, going deeper into self-discovery. Many will overcome all obstacles with complete faith that eventually all will work out for the best. You are advised to be objective, get more sleep, take mental breaks and sufficient holidays. The magic will be alive in your life this year. If you believe, you will manifest all of your heart’s desires.


This year, open the door of your heart. The beauty is in allowing new ways in being and doing. What a wonderful start to the year for you, a time for all your dreams to come true. An end to challenging times. Your energy through the year will be enthusiastic, optimistic, creative and impatient. Do things that fuel your passion, but do complete what your start. A lot of you will break free from old patterns, belief systems and procrastination. Note, a significant life experience requires changes to be made. Changes aren’t always easy and many a time they come with unexpected revelations. However, look forward to the new start, trust yourself, push your fears aside and take a leap of faith.


Pass on the goodness to someone ahead. This is symbolic of nature and its innate ability to share with grace. The beginning of year may see some of you find a suitable match for marriage. A time for family bonding and reunions for others. Expect many stressful events, unexpected or rapid changes, though all happy, joyous and successful. Some of you may receive a windfall of abundance. Those looking for new work opportunities, or those looking for a property purchase, this is your year. These events could move with great speed, so be ready for the opportunity, whenever it arrives. You are advised to choose intellectual responses to challenges rather than emotional. Take a sensible approach.

Karishma Makhija is a professional tarot and angel card reader, Reiki healer, B&C practitioner, and works with the Decrees. Guided by her intuition, she provides a mix of psychic and tarot readings and believes that the only way she can help herself is by helping the world. Call +91 9820410062 for appointments.

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