Anniversary Fun Facts: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About eShe!

We're celebrating our third anniversary and just wanted to come clean about a few things!

eShe has just turned three years old, and we think it’s a great time to tell our readers a little more about us!

eShe is a monthly magazine and has offered its digital edition free to read or download from its very first issue three years ago — way before lockdown 2020 made it an industry norm! Download our third anniversary bumper issue (yes, still free!) here.

Who needs an office when you have a laptop and a brain? eShe is a bootstrapped startup run and powered by crazy hardworking women. We save both time and money by multi-tasking from home, and looks like the whole world is waking up to this truth in 2020!

Women, women, women every month, and we still never run out of amazing stories!

Check out all our covers and previous issues here.

We’re an inclusive space! Women of all shapes, sizes, age, skin colours, locations, sexual orientations, marital status, and occupations are welcome!

Yes! It’s amazing for such a young magazine! Check it out.

Many of our articles are syndicated to Money Control every weekend. We have also syndicated to CNBCTV18, News 18 and Azhimukham in the past.

Read all about our past events here. Join the Facebook group here.

Do you have an inspirational story to share? We want to hear it! Write to pronto!

One must always thank the universe for its unending grace! eShe has survived thus far on the kindness and conviction of a bunch of amazing people. Here’s a shout-out to all those contributors who have written for eShe all these years. You’re our angels.

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  1. Great job..


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