Lockdown Diary: Creating Art That Uplifts, and Healing Myself in the Process

Cooped up at home during the lockdown, avid traveller and mother of two Malvika Sehgaal Kaura finds her imagination soaring and soul healing through spiritual art.

This article is part of our ‘Lockdown Diary’, where we invite women to share their experiences at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

By Malvika Sehgaal Kaura

The year 2019 had been extremely satisfying in terms of travel – I had ticked Japan, Vietnam, Udaipur, San Francisco, a detox retreat and more off my bucket list. And so, having been a solo traveller for the past few years, and loving it, the news of coronavirus came as a dampener.

But I sensed that COVID-19 would spread worldwide, so I made no reservations for 2020. Being invited to display my paintings at an exhibition in January was a heaven-sent opportunity. Not only did I sell out, my concept of spiritual paintings that heal and manifest triggered a huge demand.

I had self-studied how art can heal different ailments and started practising the techniques. Word got around and I found myself taking personal classes for all age groups. One person began to sleep better, another manifested savings through a painting done with me. One of my paintings changed the energy of another client’s home; the change was so palpable that even their guests would comment on it. So here I was, in my 40s, starting something new.

And then the lockdown happened.                                         

I decided to use the opportunity to paint more. Initially, the weather was lovely, and the air was clean, so I did my painting outdoors. But soon, it got warmer and my art supplies dwindled. In fact, my first painting’s colours were decided on the basis of what I had in stock.

When schools went online, I saw an opportunity and asked stationers to source me paints and it worked. I picked up all their available canvases too (enough for a year).  I have now completed five paintings and am working on my sixth.

I paint spiritual Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui compliant paintings that heal and manifest, so colour plays a huge role. Different colours manifest and heal in different ways. For example, red brings out the fire element so it’s positive for someone who needs a push but avoidable for someone with rage issues.

My paintings are a yantra, a spiritual tool for a speedy shift, certified by colour readers and vastu experts. Ideally, one should meditate facing the painting daily to power it. These are aesthetic yet extremely functional.

Earlier it would take me two months to complete a painting due to all the distractions. The lockdown has helped streamline things. I either paint or teach art that manifests online. There is a lot of gratitude. It gives me my ikigai (a sense of purpose) and structure.

Besides, since these colours are healing, I absorb the energies first. Being a history buff, researching the god or goddess I am painting is also very intriguing for me. I am happy that my childhood hobby has manifested into my profession. I am now aiming for a solo show this upcoming Diwali. 

The day I paint, I’m in a high life condition. Everything else ceases to matter. I sleep better than I have in eons, and days just melt. Time has flown past due to this during the lockdown. Apart from painting, cooking and doing inner-work workshops have kept me busy. For entertainment, I have re-discovered Scrabble and Ludo online. Every night the only thought I have is that I wish I could fit in more.

Malvika Sehgaal Kaura is a fashion designer, marketing professional and Vastu and Feng Shui compliant artist. 

1 comment on “Lockdown Diary: Creating Art That Uplifts, and Healing Myself in the Process

  1. A wonderful person and an amazing artist who draws creativity on canvas..


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