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Mumbai Ladies, It’s Your Time to Shine with iLeap and Deepa Khanna Rupani!

Head to iLeap's event 'It's Your Time to Shine', a unique opportunity to meet, network and share your inspiring stories, on February 7th in Mumbai!

As we head towards the 110th International Women’s Day, iLeap Academy and celebrity wellness consultant and marathoner Deepa Khanna Rupani announce their new initiative for women, ‘It’s Your Time to Shine’.

The first event, to be held on February 7, 2020, at True Tramm Trunk, Juhu, Mumbai, is being sponsored by Kotak Mahindra Bank.

eShe is proud to be the media partner for iLeap’s initiative.

iLeap (Integrated Learning Enrichment Achievement Program) is a comprehensive after-school curriculum that centres around a child’s overall development. It helps children assess their strengths and capabilities, enhancing their learning and creativity.

ileap founders eshe
L-R: Nicolette Bhojwani, CEO, and Noopur Kanchan, founder and chief mentor of iLeap

“In our 10 years of working with children, we have been touched by many inspirational stories of women, all trying to juggle numerous roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister, banker, doctor, artist or entrepreneur, while trying to make their mark,” says iLeap’s founder and chief mentor Noopur Kanchan.

Nicolette Bhojwani, CEO, iLeap, adds, “These fascinating stories have inspired us to launch our new initiative, ‘It’s Your Time to Shine’. This is a unique opportunity to meet, network and share your stories. It’s a powerful concept that will lead to creating a strong networking group for women to learn, grow, support and find mentors to help take their initiatives ahead.”

Deepa Khanna Rupani - eshe
Deepa Khanna Rupani, nutritionist, wellness consultant and fitness enthusiast

The initiative is being kickstarted with an event curated by Deepa Khanna Rupani. “Wellness is not just about nutrition but also strength of mind and body. A big congratulations to iLeap for launching this initiative; it is a privilege to be on board with them,” she says.

Here are the details of the event:

Date: February 7, 2020

Time: 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Venue: True Tramm Trunk, Juhu, Mumbai (click for GPS link)

Entry ticket: Rs 1500

There are enthralling shopping stalls and activities lined up, from fashion, fitness, healthy food for kids and adults, home decor, art and dance.

To book a seat, visit iLeap’s Facebook or Instagram page, or visit their centres (Juhu: 9769350006 / 02226185533, Lokhandwala: 9820099991)

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store!

Take part in the art activities being conducted by iLeap.

Impasto on canvas: The term impasto comes from the Italian word for ‘paste.’ The Impasto technique involves applying paint as thickly as paste, and creating a textured surface with the marks of the brush (or palette knife).

Shibori on silk: Shibori art hails from Japan. In India, it is seen in Rajasthan as leheriya and Gujarat as bandhani. This Valentine’s Day, make shibori on silk pocket squares for your beloved.

Deepa- Zumba fitness with Deepa

Try Zumba dance with Deepa Ahuja!

Bites of Bliss

Taste Bites of Bliss Health Foods created by Ashnu Nichani.

SlurrpFarm range

Check out yummy healthy snacks by Slurrp Farm, great for kids and moms alike!

Get your stock of gorgeous Blssng home decor by Dhanika Popley.

Check out eclectic jewellery at Ithaka by Anuradha Saraf.

Browse through fashion designer Shalini Radhod‘s cool creations.


Enjoy the hospitality at True Tramm Trunk, shake a leg, enjoy your drink and snacks, and watch the sun go down! There’s nothing better than the company of like-minded women on a pleasant spring evening, is there?

See you soon!

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