“People Are Very Aware of What They Eat and Apply to Their Skin,” says Founder of Natural Beauty e-Store

Ragini Mehra's e-commerce venture Beauty Source curates the best in natural beauty from around the world for Indian buyers.

More people are veering away from chemically created beauty products than ever before, and Ragini Mehra knows it only too well. People of her generation had for long battled allergies – apart from other skin complications like acne and even eczema caused by those products – before they embraced gentler nourishment for the skin. Even so, availability of world-class skincare products that are a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients remained scarce in India until recently.

Which was why Ragini decided to fill the gap with Beauty Source, which pools the best of such products from across the world and sells them in the country that is one of the world’s fastest growing markets for high-end beauty products. A few days of application of the products she supplies – especially hair and face oils from the SAN [ceuticals] line – validates the definiteness of her choices and the dexterity of her research.

In fact, Ragini’s love for natural skincare and haircare products is an extension of her decades-old fascination for organic and healthy foods that promote wellness. Three years before she launched Beauty Source, she had set up in 2012 an online grocery to sell organic produce as well as beauty products.

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“People are very aware of what they eat and apply to their skin,” says Ragini, “and Beauty Source aims to transform perceptions, to defeat mediocrity and to expand horizons. These days, with the click of a button, one can search for products best suited to their skin type and see the use of ingredients. With Beauty Source we have managed to create a brand for people who understand and believe in quality. We have built our customer base over the years.”

A veteran of 16 years in the wellness and beauty industry, Ragini is born into a family where the spirit of entrepreneurship runs deep. She is the granddaughter of the late MS Oberoi, founder of the Oberoi group of hotels. An alumnus of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design where she studied interior design, she has had a stunning career in a raft of segments including interior design, hospitality, corporate and residential, with the high and mighty of the country as clients.


She had also been the managing partner at Silhouette Salon de Beauté salon, and later founder of Silhouette Retail, which sells natural cosmetic labels, before she launched the Kirana Shop and Beauty Source.

Carefully curated to perfection with great rigour, she stresses that the products she handpicks to sell in India “are selected not only for their quality and effectiveness, but also for the safety of their ingredients”. She points out that she doesn’t want to expose her customers to skin irritants.

Ragini, a single mother of a 24-year-old, now looks to expand further by partnering with more online and offline retailers, spas and salons. The range of products from her store currently includes Aila Cosmetics, Brickell Men Products, Egyptian Magic, Sans [ceuticals], Purearth, Hedonista, Valentia, Sigma Beauty, Essential Body, Feline, Ahe Naturals, Dafni and Paul Penders.

Opportunity has struck in a big way, she feels.

This is the third of a four-part series ‘Leading the New Age of Indian Beauty’ published in the Jan-Feb 2019 issue of eShe.

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