Former Navy Doctor Tries the Spiritual Path of ‘Automatic Writing’

Dr Urvashi Tandon chances upon a new spiritual technique called ‘automatic writing’ and decides to give it a shot.

By Dr Urvashi Tandon

On a pleasant winter evening in November, I told my parents I would like to be present when they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary (theirs was a second marriage, each having lost a former spouse).

There were no plans to have a party; instead, they intended to spend the day at an ashram in south India. I decided to go along. That was my first visit to any such centre of spirituality and it changed my life.

Being a medical officer in the Indian Navy sounded so very glamorous to me as a young woman. Little did I realise what was in store. I am an anaesthesiologist by profession and I attended surgeries every single day.

Having qualified as a doctor in 1988, 30 years of seeing sickness, pain and death on a regular basis and from close quarters made me face the reality of impermanence of situations and life in general.

Dr Urvashi Tandon with her colleagues in the Indian Navy

Observing people reacting differently to various diseases and responding differently to similar treatments made me strongly believe in the law of karma. Faced with the knowledge of inadequate means to provide complete relief to terminal patients drove me to explore alternative methods of treatment, starting with energy healing.

After long gruelling years of medical study, reading was a habit for me, and I gravitated towards books of a spiritual nature. I came across Laws of the Spirit World by Khursheed Bhavnagari. This was the first time I heard of ‘automatic writing’. Needless to say, my curiosity was aroused.

It is said that when you really want something, the law of attraction manifests it for you. I moved cities and guess what? There was an automatic-writing workshop being held very close to where I stay now. I could not miss it.

Urvashi at Sri Ramana Ashram in Tiruvannamalai

Automatic writing is a means of channelling messages from your ‘spirit guides’ or higher self. We all have some psychic abilities – more commonly called intuition – developed to various degrees.

Automatic writing is about learning to tap into these faculties with proper guidance and taking your life forward.

How does it help? Well, imagine being able to seek guidance from your higher self when confronted with a dilemma in your day-to-day life. It could be a task to be done or a career move.

Practice makes perfect and I am certainly very glad I went for that workshop. I seek guidance on a regular basis now, and am in a much happier space.

First published in the March 2018 issue of eShe magazine. Read it for free here.

16 comments on “Former Navy Doctor Tries the Spiritual Path of ‘Automatic Writing’

  1. Hi
    I have lost my husband of 24 years last month and am in deep depression. I am looking for answers. Can you help me connect with him? Thanks



  2. Srikaant.A.Kabbuurkar

    Contact number of Urvashi Tandon for automatic writing sevices


  3. Anonymous

    Hello Dr Urvashi

    Have mailed you. Hope you have received it. Please help me with your reply



    • Dear Sharmi,
      Haven’t received any mail from this name that I can recall. You could email me at the given mail id.


      • Anonymous

        Hi Urvashi

        Have forwarded the mail again. Could you also check your spam . it may have gone in there…
        Is it possible to share your contact number ?


  4. Neelu sharma

    Hi Dr Urvashi
    Pls share automatic writting person’s contact details in delhi . Thanks


  5. Prateek khare

    I recently lost my mother n very upset with lot of pain pls suggest people who can help me to connect with her via automatic writing..

    Prateek Khare


  6. Hello Urvashi
    I am Shweta Tilak. I stay in Navi Mumbai
    I want to learn automated writing who can I contact for the same.


  7. Anonymous

    Hello Dr. Urvashi,

    Is there a way we can speak ? I have read the laws of the Spirit World, and the Sounds of Silence ( another book on loss and finding comfort thru automatic writing ). I have always been interested in understand how this is done.

    Is there an email id you can share, where I can contact you ?

    Just to note, the Tiruvannamalai Ashram is an ashram I visit frequently, and today happens to be Guru Ramana’s Maha Samadhi day ( April 14, 1950 ).

    Thanks and Regards,


  8. Dear Monika,
    They are several people who teach automatic writing. I am aware of two, one in Delhi and the other in Rishikesh. However, I know there are people in other cities who teach as well. You could share more details which might be relevant on my email.


  9. Hello Dr Urvashi.
    I am quite touched by your story and I am really keen on doing automatic writing.
    Just like you I have read Laws of spirit world by khorshed Bhavanagari.
    But my story is little different I was in total distress when my mother passed away in November 2020.
    I was not able to live my life as I was very close to my mother and it has left a big vacuum in life.
    Then one day I was surfing something and I saw Laws of spirit world and I felt like reading it. There I came across automatic writing.
    I am really keen on learning this. Please if you could guide me and suggest me name of someone who would be able to teach this to me.
    Since you have done could you please give me the details of that person, place address and mobile number.
    I would be really grateful to u


    • Hello Dr Urvashi

      Have mailed you. Hope you have received it. Please help me with your reply



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