Read the March 2018 Issue of eShe Magazine

Film producer Shaana Levy-Bahl is on the cover, and inside are loads of AMAZING women who’re changing the world in their own way, including global philanthropist Meera Gandhi, award-winning architect Pratima Joshi and celebrity stylist Aesha Merchant. Plus a special feature on photographers ‘with a bit on the side’. Read now!

You can read the latest issue of eShe online! Click on this link or flip the pages in the live preview below. It’s free!

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You can also buy the print edition if you prefer reading magazines the old way.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Signs of Hope

Last month, my friend’s mother-in-law Mina Bedi – who has read every issue of eShe – bought a bunch of copies to distribute to her friends after a tea party. “You must read this magazine,” she told them, pressing a copy in each hand. To me, it was a sign that I am on the right path, that angels are looking out for me on my maiden media venture.

Cover girl Shaana Levy-Bahl (p.26) got signs too – that she’d have to change direction to fulfill her mission, she’d have to give up her Hollywood dream to take up a greater cause. Architect Pratima Joshi (p.23), who has mastered the art, science and politics of constructing toilets in urban slums, is already tuned in to the universe’s vibe: she’s been meditating daily for the past 33 years. And filmmaker-poet Laxmana Dalmia (p.44), one of RK Dalmia’s 18 children, had mystical signs knock her off her feet more than once in her lifetime.

Then there are rebels who didn’t wait for signs to do their own thing: celebrity stylist Aesha Merchant (p.06), India’s ‘Padwoman’, Tanvi Johri (p.36), beauty entrepreneur Krishna Tamalia Vora (p.38).

Sometimes, the signs lead us to our purpose. Sometimes, following our purpose invites the signs.

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