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Girl boss Devita Saraf of Vu Televisions is on the cover, and inside you'll find e-retail whiz Sheetal Kapoor, India's first female bladerunner Kiran Kanojia, fashion designer Rina Singh of Eka and more in relationships, books, fashion and travel. Lots of ideas and inspiration await you in eShe magazine! Start reading here.

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My mum and I had a tiff after she labelled me ‘spoilt’, saying I had it easy. “I cooked, cleaned and ironed to save money for your future,” she said.

“I work on my magazine from 8 am till midnight,” I argued. “I do my family’s admin work, I manage the home, I am the backbone of their careers. You are judging me on the wrong parameters. Even your mother could have said the same thing.” My mother saw my point, and we made peace.

All women work hard – it’s just that times change and the work changes. While our cover girl Devita Saraf (p.22) was the CEO of her own company at 24, Sheetal Kapoor spent that many years playing homemaker before establishing India’s most successful e-retail kurta brand in her forties (p.12).

Corporate high-fliers Priyanka Raina (p.6) and Sana Sood (p.20) left lucrative careers abroad to start something of value in India after having kids. One homemaker asks our clinical psychologist how to convince her husband to let her go out to work (p.40), while another homemaker Aarti Malhotra considers herself the CEO of her home (p.58).

Women of all generations work pretty darn hard, using whatever talents they have. Let’s give credit where it’s due this year, to ourselves and each other.

Happy New Year 2018!

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