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October Tarot Forecast: What’s In Store For You This Month

This is what October will be like, says tarot reader and educationist Alka Mahajan.

By Alka Mahajan


Time to face reality. Don’t avoid obligations such as work, a relationship issue or some kind of commitment. Be wary of dishonest people around you. Giving your partner breathing space will lead to marital harmony. Tarot insight: Fight for what you believe and defend your own values.


Happy, fun-loving and joyous moments are awaiting you. Financial problems pale, confusion disappears and success, rewards and recognition are likely to come your way. Openness will lead to happiness with your partner. Tarot insight: The confidence to say ‘no’ will be your trump card against adversaries.


You will have the ability to see your strengths and weaknesses to acknowledge your pitfalls and potentials, to stay alert to those facts and to persevere at all costs, whatever the challenge. Patience is a must for success. Tarot insight: Don’t deny yourself the right to be as accomplished and attractive as you want.


You are able to escape the doubts, fears and inhibitions of the world around you. Joint ventures or teamwork will bring fruitful results. Combine creativity with pragmatism. Tarot insight: Don’t miss an opportunity to speak up about your own needs.


It is time to adapt to changing circumstances, juggle with ideas and tap into the universal flow to increase your wealth. Avoid getting involved in anything questionable. Use your communication skills effectively. Tarot insight: Structure, organization and the rulebook will get you the best results.


Rather than merely doubling up your sense of power, share it with someone else to make a grand success of your plans. Your dreams will come to fruition. A rewarding relationship between partners is indicated. Tarot insight: Recognize your traditional values and follow the rules of convention.


Success or rewards are coming your way, or someone who is talented could come into your world to change it for the better. But never forget that disaster could be part of the deal too if you believe that only you have a right to be successful. Tarot insight: Navigate your life with a little flexibility.


You are about to enter a phase of fresh optimism and passionate fun. Just go out there and enjoy yourself. The more confident and inspired you are, the more success you will have. You may not get ‘top billing’ initially, but as you develop your skills, your progress will be praiseworthy. Tarot insight: Let go of resentments and be more compassionate with yourself and others.


There is an imbalance in your life right now. However much you believe that you are in a harmonious situation, job, relationship or place, there is something not quite right about it. If you look ahead, beyond and explore other options, the obstacles will automatically disappear. Tarot insight: Don’t let your personal sense of isolation or loneliness hold you back.


A wonderful time to join forces with someone to mutually experience nurturing and healing. A creative partnership will produce an inspired outcome. By uniting your efforts you improve your prospects and there will be profits galore. Tarot insight: A remembered conversation will bring you success.


The week heralds good news about wealth and property. You may receive an inheritance or family money might be available to use for your own purposes. Fame and fortune can be yours, for you possess the requisite expertise to accomplish even seemingly impossible tasks. Tarot Insight-: Learn to accept and respect your separateness.


Balance, fairness and honesty are needed in your work arena. More equitable divisions of labour and responsibility are in order. Problems are resolved and tensions abate. A legal matter involving money or property will be decided in your favour, if it’s rightfully yours. Tarot insight: Face up to facts, rather than avoiding them.


Alka Mahajan is a widely travelled educationist, professional tarot card reader and a certified counsellor and psychotherapist. Her tarot predictions are broadcasted regularly on FM radio. For appointment, contact

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