Yes, You CAN Launch a New Career Midlife, Pat Shows You How

Motivational writer and speaker Pat Duckworth’s latest book will give you an impetus to turn entrepreneur

For 32 years, Pat Duckworth worked in UK’s public and voluntary sector. By the time she was 50, she had an MBA and had risen to the dizzying rank of deputy director in the Senior Civil Service. But she also came to the conclusion that she wasn’t happy. So she retired from work, and on New Year’s Day 2010, turned entrepreneur. In the next five years, she set up a practice delivering courses and workshops, wrote three books, developed online programmes and was invited as a speaker to five countries. Her USP is inspiring people to follow their dreams. And her latest book Hot Women Rock is all about helping them discover their ‘midlife entrepreneurial mojo’.

Hot-Women-Rock-cover-FrontUsing tools from neuro-linguistic programming, the book guides you through the six neurological levels (NLLs) that guide and motivate human beings in their day-to-day lives. These go from environment, behaviour, capabilities and resources, values and beliefs, identity to finally one’s spiritual purpose. Kay explains that to make effective changes in one’s life, it makes sense to involve all the NLLs. “People who have well-aligned neurological levels are emotionally and mentally strong,” she writes. “Their values and beliefs support their identity. Their behaviour helps them to develop the capabilities and resources they need to pursue their purpose. When you meet them, you feel their purpose shining through. They are totally congruent.”

The book also features a collection of stories of 21 inspiring women who turned entrepreneur in midlife. They are heartening tales of struggle, doubt and finally finding one’s true purpose. For those who think something is ‘missing’ in their career and are seeking something more from life, this book may just tip you over the other side of your mental boundaries.

First published in the July 2017 issue of eShe magazine

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