Read eShe July 2017 Issue Online

Read the July 2017 issue of eShe magazine online here.

You can read the July 2017 of eShe online! Click on this link or flip the pages in the live preview below. It’s free!

(Tip: slide to the bottom right corner of the live preview, and turn on the ‘full-screen’ view for best results.)


There’s a real-life story in our book of the month (p.72) about a woman called Lesley Pyne. At 47, she’d had enough of jobs that compromised her values.

At the same time, she had to face the crushing truth that she could never have children. She wanted to become a life coach to help others, but that would mean sharing her own story, and it frightened her.

Then she heard American scholar and author Brené Brown talk about “owning your story and writing a brave new ending for it”. It jolted her. She realised that being childless did not define her, but not being able to have children did give her the experience required to help someone else cope with it. That was her purpose in life.

So, while the fear of sharing her story was so immense that she wanted to back out, she couldn’t. Because it was her purpose.

For years, I’ve wanted to start a magazine that inspires women, ignites hope and celebrates our common humanity. Fear always held me back – where would I get the resources for it? – but I also realise my life’s experiences have put me in exactly this place at this time for a reason.

I can’t not do it. Because it is my purpose.

I hope eShe inspires you to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Thank you for joining me.

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