Parul Gupta: Saying it with flowers

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Parul Gupta
Parul Gupta

What can be more beautiful that working with beauty, day after day? Delhi-based floral designer Parul Gupta has made a profession of her love for flowers, and while it all sounds like a bed of roses, the young woman tells us there’s more to floral décor than meets the eye. There’s attention to detail, passion and even some amount of family rebellion thrown in!

Why floral art and design?
Having completed my graduation in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, like most youngsters I didn’t know what to do next. What I did know was that I had to do something different. I still recall that after the third year graduation examinations, my parents gave me two options: to pursue a Master’s degree or get married. Since ‘different’ was what I had to be, I chose to work – much against my family tradition. In the first six months of my job, I was almost convinced that my parents were right when they said, “You are not made for doing a job like this.” With my former employer’s expansion plans into wedding floral décor, I realized this is what I wanted to do. FLOWERS! Anything and everything to do with flowers was what I was meant to be doing.

So what did flowers teach you?
The learning experience was nothing less than amazing. As there was no formal education for floral design in India at that time, hands-on learning was the only option. Soon I was beginning to like my bruised hands, cuts, short nails and hands that looked so un-kept (which is very unlike me). My passion for this work was growing faster and stronger with every passing day. For a while, the work got very hectic and I decided to take a break. But just after three months, I missed being at work so much that I decided to start freelancing to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life. Contradictorily, my life was again back to square one, but this time the packed schedule had stopped worrying me anymore. My heart and soul were in my work and that truly is a blessing!

Tell us about an exciting project.
Every wedding event I’ve designed has brought with it a unique experience. I once did a petal shower for a mandap where it looked like a million showering petals were frozen in time. It was breathtaking. I could hear guests saying, “I wish this was my wedding,” and then you know what you have accomplished.

What do you love about your work?
It is indeed an inexplicable feeling when you make others happy by making their special day memorable for a lifetime. Those people trust you completely to do a good job and deliver. In the process of doing your work you learn, earn and have fun, which enriches your life.


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