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10 things you’d rather do than read the morning newspaper

Photograph: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint
Photograph: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

In Mint Lounge today, Aakar Patel argues that the age of the newspaper is over. Now that you can get the latest news on social media hours before it comes out in the daily paper, and you can find millions of worthy opinion pieces online for free, why would you buy a daily or pay thousands of employees to churn out (presumably) meaningful reports?

While he may be right about English media, this in no way reflects the reality of regional papers in India, which will continue to be relevant as long as the literary rate is still on an upward swing. One must commend Hindustan Times, though, for commissioning such a piece. Perhaps the fact that the circulation numbers of both their competitors The Times of India and The Hindu had fallen while Hindustan Times’ had grown was some kind of news that needed subtle plugging. But never mind.

And so it bodes ill for the English print media. But then, haven’t we all suspected that our morning reading has become of late a bit too boring and tepid at best and downright morbid and depressing at worst?

Here are 10 other things we could think of that translate to time better spent early in the morning.

  1. Make a cup of ginger tea. Add basil leaves and pinch of pepper if you’re down with a cough or cold.
  2. Cuddle with your partner, or child, or parent. If neither are available, do the bed.
  3. Go for a walk or cycle around the park or neighbourhood. Do yoga and pranayam.
  4. Pray. If you can’t pray, sing. It’s healing. If you can’t sing, close the door (and sing).
  5. If you must know what happened in the world while you were asleep, read your Twitter feed. But you’ll soon realise this is just as boring and depressing so you’ll get rid of this habit rather nicely.
  6. Whatever you do, do NOT turn on the TV.
  7. Read a dashing book like Kalyan Ray’s No Country, or a work of Ramana Maharshi, or How to Salsa Dance.
  8. Make breakfast, singing.
  9. Put some oil in your hair before taking a shower. It nourishes the roots, adds volume and longevity to your strands.
  10. Take a shower, singing.

(What else would you like to add here? Leave a comment.)

We guarantee you’ll feel a lot happier, at peace and you won’t miss a thing about what’s going on in the world. You can always catch up on news portals when you get to work. At your new job. Now that your newspaper has shut down.

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