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Mozart in the mountains

2012__68X0039So you love masterful music taken in with a dose of opulence, beauty and heritage? (Who doesn’t?) A new music festival has just been launched in Switzerland – now don’t go thinking of Bollywood running-around-trees sort of cheesy romantic ditties. This is serious Mozart. ‘Das Musik’ festival will take place for the very first time at the historical Badrutt’s Palace hotel in St Moritz. The festival is a collaboration between the legendary Grand Hotel in St. Moritz, the Sinfonia Amadei Chamber Orchestra and conductor Lukas Christian Reinitzer. In future, the Sinfonia Amadei will hold a biannual three-day-long festival, in both summer and winter in the Embassy Ballroom at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. The concerts are also open to local residents as well as guests who are not staying at the hotel.

The premiere of the new festival is dedicated exclusively to the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with three programmes. Some of the pieces that can be heard are his dreamy Clarinet Concerto, the lively Piano Concerto in F Major K 459 as well as his famous Symphony No. 40 in G Minor. So if you love Mozart and are headed to Switzerland next month, make sure the festival is on your list of must-visit spots.

The hotel, which is open to guests in summers only, is one of the key landmarks at the ski town of St Moritz. It has 157 guestrooms and 37 suites with stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

Sinfonia Amadei play original instruments from the time of Viennese Classicism, so the sound of the orchestra is very close to how Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself and his contemporaries heard the masterpieces: dynamic, lively, very expressive and emotionally intense. All members of the orchestra have graduated in studies of a modern instrument as well as having undertaken special training in historical instruments. “The development of the music, the instruments and also the mastery of playing from the time of Monteverdi through the baroque period to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is tremendous,” says conductor Lukas Christian Reinitzer. “Sinfonia Amadei differs considerably from baroque orchestras and most other ensembles for ‘old’ music as the orchestra sees itself as historically authentic. This concerns details of the instruments played just as much as the mastery of playing, which is true to the period of the 18th century, and also immersing oneself in and empathising with the composer, his work and his time.”

The focus of the second festival from January 23-25, 2015, will be on the works of another legendary composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. Duration of each concert is around two hours. Dresscode: elegant (jacket for men required).

For further information and tickets, contact or +41 (0)81 837 2661.

Badrutt's Palace Switzerland

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