“Carpe Diem,” he said.

Robin Williams
Photograph: Esquire

By Tanvi Gupta

Many were stirred, overwhelmed and brought to tears by an enigmatic English teacher with his passionate soul and unending love for life. His way with words, his logic to life and his persistent encouragement to do what you love was incredible and it left an indelible impression on us.

It is hard to believe that the person who willed us to “seize the day” would take his own life. What could have made him that miserable — or did he seize the day in his own way?

Robin Williams (1951-2014) was an everyman and branding him a comic would be doing him injustice. He was much more than an Oscar-winning actor and comedian; he was the voice behind Genie, who made our childhood a brighter, more magical place. The warm Mrs. Doubtfire with the love she showered on her children; the irreverent DJ who won hearts across rank and file; the relentless therapist who never gave up on his patient; the child trapped in a board game brought back to life to win the hearts of youngsters around the world and everything in between — that is what Robin Williams means to humanity. Oh and Peter Pan!

He will never be obliterated from our memories, child or adult. He taught us the meaning behind words in a manner no other could and for that reason alone we say to him: Mr. Williams, time to inherit the earth.

“What will your verse be?”

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