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Cooking workshop alert

If you live in New Delhi, love cooking, bonding over lunch with new people, and picking up a few culinary skills, then sign up for the Imperial Culinary Club at The Imperial Hotel, Janpath. They organise themed cooking workshops followed by lunch every once in a while. The next one coming up is on August 20th, 2014, at the restaurant Daniell’s Tavern (reasonable charges apply).

imperial hotel delhiThis time, their chef Veena Arora (left) will be teaching southeast Asian flavours – she’s seriously an amazing woman and chef, and this promises to be a kickass class. She’s going to give tips on cuisine from Kerala, Sri Lanka and Thailand, and will teach a few of the specialties of these regions.

It starts at 11.30 am and will go on till you’re done with dessert and coffee. Write to to book a seat. Bon apetit.

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