Welsh artist Deborah Claire Procter on learning kathakali in India and creating art in Argentina

Award-winning artist Deborah Claire Procter speaks to eShe TV about growing up in Wales, training in kathakali and kalaripayattu in India, studying NLP and hypnosis, and creating music in Argentina.

The pandemic has been a busy time for multimedia artist, actor and singer Deborah Claire Procter, who was born in Cardiff, Wales, and is now based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the past two years, she has come up with various works, including two new musical tracks along with famed Argentinian composer Oscar Edelstein that bring together Argentinian poetry with soulful piano and vocals.

Deborah, who has made performances for theatres and galleries around the world and has won various awards and fellowships, spoke to eShe editor Aekta Kapoor in the latest episode of eShe TV.

They spoke about Deborah’s influences living in the small seaside town of Aberystwyth in Wales, and her associations with India through her training in kathakali and kalaripayattu and visiting Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

“Indian art forms have so much to offer, especially the part about dedicating yourself to the study, the practice… it really was something that appealed to me as an artist,” she says.

A part-time lecturer in many institutions who teaches performance, theatre and voice, Deborah also spoke about how she landed up in Argentina to make the voice-work of difference pieces of musical theatre along with Oscar Edelstein.

Deborah trained in neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis and not only incorporates these practices in her work but also trains others to do so. “The seed of it is, what am I concentrating on? Am I getting the results I want? I feel mind and body are attached in ways we don’t fully understand,” she says.

She also trains actors in the art of kalaripayattu. “It seems to me that art needs to be something more. And so the idea of training and disciplining the body is a way to find that difference and find that little bit extra,” she explains.

Deborah shares the background of her latest two songs in this episode. You can download them here:

Watch the conversation on YouTube here.

The interview is also available as a podcast.

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