Apps That Make Life Easier for Busy Women

From groceries to waxing, here are the best apps that will bring the most essentials services to your doorstep – and make you thank God for technology!

We get it. You barely even have the time to read this piece. There’s too much to do today, a hundred things on your mind, your phone’s constantly buzzing with WhatsApp messages, work-related emails and Snapchat posts. Well, sometimes you have to invest in the right things now that pay you back with more time (and even money) later. And these apps promise to do so.


Urban Clap: They are a ‘one-stop destination for all urban lifestyle services’ and boast of thousands of professionals to take care of your lifestyle needs, from yoga trainers to wedding photographers to electricians and party caterers. You will most likely find exactly what you’re looking for at any time, and their prices are pretty reasonable too. We’re impressed with the way these guys are growing and organising the unorganised sector.


There are so many options for salon services at home these days, one feels rather guilty about ditching that ‘parlourwali’ who came home to do your eyebrows while chit-chatting about recipes and in-laws. Today’s parlourwalis use timers on smartphones and a suitcase with everything from wax strips to electric pedicure tubs. We’ve tried At Home Diva (Quikr), Vanity Cube (VLCC) and Urban Clap, and found all their services professional, well-priced and hygienic. There are plenty of offers too, so it works out cheaper than visiting a salon. Even cheaper than your old parlourwali.


Big Basket: This is your local sabzi mandi or neighbourhood market, except it’s in your phone. These guys make you offers you cannot refuse, and we’re talking discounts on everything from olive oil to vegetables. They also give sweet discounts on larger orders. Here’s a tip: go for their expedited same-day delivery, which comes with a nominal charge. The free delivery is sometimes late and their fresh produce is stale by the time you get it.

Amazon Pantry: Your delivery is sent in a box, which Amazon encourages you to fill up by showing you how much percentage is still empty (but don’t feel pressurised!). We love the 10% discount you get if you spend more than Rs 1500, and the 24-hour guaranteed delivery (it usually comes in less than 16 hours in certain areas). But Amazon still doesn’t stock as many products as Big Basket, and offers no fresh produce. You’ll still need to head to your sabzi mandi for that.

Amazon Prime Now: Amazon has also launched a two-hour delivery service in certain neighbourhoods by tying up with big local businesses in the vicinity. However, all products are not yet available – it may be easier to instead download your local business’s app or call them directly, and get your goods within one hour!


Zomato: There are days you want to have nothing to do with cooking. That’s when Zomato comes to your rescue. With a huge variety of restaurants delivering to your doorstep, we’ve found their online ordering to be very efficient and their deliveries on time. We also appreciated their flexibility in payment options during those dark days of demonetisation, and their founder’s fabulous response to the hacker who broke into the company’s user database. Such gestures do matter.

Swiggy: It works like a giant online menu card from hundreds of eateries in your area, so you just have to tick the right boxes and your dinner’s ready. Easy as pie.

First published in the July 2017 issue of eShe magazine

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