So this is how Aditi Rao Hydari has such amazing skin

It is as we suspected. Good skin is often a result not of expensive beauty creams and treatments but of careful beauty hygiene and habits inculcated at home during childhood. And Bollywood film star Aditi Rao Hydari is ready to swear by it.

The ‘Wazir’ actress, who admittedly has amazing skin and is constantly plagued with questions on the secret behind her luminous and flawless complexion, reveals that the credit goes to her simple childhood regime.

She shares, “My mom would have a lady come in every week and apply an ubtan (paste) with gram flour, milk, oil and turmeric on my skin. I owe my healthy skin to that regime as a child. I don’t do it that often now, but the skin regime and nutrition you follow as a kid is something that stands by you — at least that’s what I’ve seen!”

Apart from following her mother’s beauty routine, the 30-year-old actress also drinks a lot of coconut water throughout the day to retain the suppleness of her skin and keep herself hydrated.

So now you know – your beauty lies in your mother’s hands.